Monday, August 10, 2009

tweed vs. leather

um, i was scanning over some 09-10 resort-fall trends and i stumbled upon some tweeds and leathers on the runway. talk dvf, marc jacobs, costume national and balenciaga for leather and bottega venetta and andrew gn for tweed. so what will be the winner? is it tweed or leather. lets dissect both.

at gucci (leather later)

at luella (tweedy twiggy)

tweed. tweed is a type of fabric from rough woven wool. the fabric originated in scotland [and of course it is a cold place]. scots use tweed and twill to heat up and for statement, i think! haha.
leather. leather is made from animal skin. um, tanning and hiding are words that are often associated with leather and leather goods. that's it!

so upon closer look, i think that leather and tweed should and must be used and worn only and ONLY to cooler-appropriate places. well, philippines is a tropical-humid-third-world-country, so wearing stuffs like those isn't really appropriate. imagine wearing tweed in a smug-full city or wearing leather outside office like mid-noon.

so resolution, no tweeds and leather goods for me--not until i see the maple trees.

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