Saturday, November 22, 2008

the bow tie experience

i never had yet another oh-ah experience but just recently i was swept with this one of a kind find. the new... bow tie clutch by valentino.

This Valentino bow will get the holiday cheer rolling

Valentino's Noeud d'Amore clutch

WHY: It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but already we're faced with holiday-themed Starbucks cups and more commercials than we can comfortably handle. We weren't ready--until we spotted this sweet Valentino clutch. Sure, it's a little Blair Waldorf, but how adorable will it be with our holiday party dresses? Bring on the cheer!

PRICE: $1,095

sasha for galliano

she is the new galliano girl 'sasha pivovarova'. she now represents john galliano's spring 09 which will be printed in paris. this is so far a glimpse.

Sasha Pivovarova went from Prada to Tiffany’s to…John Galliano. We hear that our favorite Russian czarina just shot his colorful campaign in Paris.

natalia for vogue nov 2008

and natalia shows how laid-back is worn in the 'field of spring' spread for vogue US 2008. photographed by mario testino, natalia went on to wear airy dresses in soft, delightful colors. its somewhat has a mother/parent feel to it, and was shot either on plains or in the forest. i quote "wildflower, longgrasses, the river, cypress trees. i just love them. you better see the photos to judge.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

its a confirmation!

supermodel emanuela de paula walks for victoria secret fashion show this 15th of november at miami. im sure she'll strut her walk and she'll amaze the crowd with her stunning body. bbb. boobs+body+brain=emanuela de paula.

other info's on emanuela de paula
Born:25 April
Where:Pernambuco, Brazil
Height:176 cm
Bust:84 cm
Waist:59 cm
Hips:89 cm

Fashion & beauty brands connected to Emanuela de Paula:
Alexandre Herchcovitch
Baby Phat
Bottega Veneta
Catherine Malandrino
Costume National
Diane von Furstenberg
Kenneth Cole
Rosa Cha
Tommy Hilfiger
Victorias Secret

few more hours before 19

it was such an experience having to live at the age of 18. i had so much fun and met new friends and have the first tastes of the bitter-sweet life of hollywood. its so much better on the top. im a few hours to 19 and all i think about is what ive done and what to do to advocate change at (least obama and me get that in common). I always thought that i got to accomplish something before the annual turnover but then again i was a little over excited over things that i almost overlook the possibilities. i had planned to joined the teen vogue photo fashionista contest but i missed the deadline. still planning to pass an artwork at the nylon mag but just couldn't start any. i swear, this is definitely a sad thing! having to see the ferocious sun rise and fall. the sight is so heartbreaking. i wasn't able to finish what has to be done and in some ways start what had to be started. im still 18 this point and going to my last stage of being a teenager. good thing to reminisce the 18 years of existence and maybe a couple more years of life. there are so many things yet to be spoken. still a couple of things to be discussed. a million and one facts worth knowing. a dozen more LV bags yet to be designed. a gazillion more balenciaga and lacroix runway shows, still more dior and chanel hautes. i am just starting to bloom into a magnificent person. i am starting to change old ways and start things ive never ever experienced. how is it like to be a boss of a million-dollar company? i guess, its endless on the top. nostalgia. ive done my wishlist for christmas and things to be done before 18 but i guessed i was a total fail! i was a flop that i don't get what i've always wanted.
enough of those cakes and candles. those childish things. i guess so! there is more to birthdays that gets to be noticed, like... i can't think of anything so pardon me! when i was still a kid, i used to think that life was this and that and birthdays was more of the gift receiving event. little did i know that it was more than that. it was more of a proof. yet when i was still a little bud i would suggest that i would soon be my own profession. lorenz-eer like and engineer. but it sort of another dissapointment. but then again it turned out to be another engineering practice, that is fashion design engineering if that term really exist. funny! ive always wanted to experiment and do lab works. ive always been fascinated to form, and lines, and texture, and fabrics. i think that once you have the fashion within you, its like education, it cannot be stolen. sound a little cliche but its true. for so long ive breathe fashion and i think i would die a fashionable death. i will now start a life that is branched out. that every choices had to be justified. but in the world of fashion, every second, every runway, every dress is both a history and a legend.

quotes from my favorite designers:
from coco chanel
In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
from yves saint laurent
Fashions fade, style is eternal.
from ralph lauren
I don't design clothes, I design dreams.
from giorgio armani
The difference between style and fashion is quality.

still many more to mention...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

puey, the designer.

just recently, puey had a fashion show in the bilibid jail. this is in line with the awareness thingy going on inside the parcel. inmates were priviledged to sign and be a part of this envious 'one-of-a-kind-experience' brought by no less than the master himself, puey quinones. i was thinking to commit a heinous crime to have a chance to meet-and-greet-and-be-a -student-of -mr.puey. ever since anne curtis wore his designs, i was really stunned and stinged. i so love his uber-expressionistic style on garment. he's so unique. think of one person to credit the top designs, its puey. well, good thing ive befriended him on fs. still waiting for the confirmation though.

c/o i dont know if its really puey..
coz it appears he's just grabbing pics from the original


Monday, November 3, 2008

not sartorialist!

the face hunter is a blogspot (sartorialist look alike) and is really the same with its counterpart. the shots the layouts, everything. its pretty nice thought that it was not candid, like what sarts is known for. more edgy, more posh, more posee. the face hunter spot is just one of the street fashion blogspots dedicated to prove that "fashion is not only in boutiques but in the streets."

sample photo

another site that looks like sartorialists is the styleclicker. its a website though. it looks like sartorialist to the last detail. it also is a lookbook-ish type of site for streetwear.

yet another site is the stylescout. it also is a streetwear site based in london.

The Style Scout is out there, scouting the great looks of the streets of London. We love London street style! We love vintage, we love high-street, we love London street fashion! We roam places such as Portobello, Carnaby Street, Spitalfields and Brick Lane and meet great people everywhere.

thank you so much, and

Friday, October 31, 2008


i do remember that it was like last last year when i talked about wearing those glads to my dear friend, ayn. and here comes year 2008. yes! ist absolutely a must-have now. now that kate mosss has already worn hers. well, sad though i dont have a pair. the sartorialist, previously showed the world how the glads were worn properly. 2008 spring introduced the gladiators to the world when marc jacobs wore his glads in one of his runway shows wearing a skirt. its definitely a must have if you wear a skirt. i think that gladiators are second to the best shoe this year.having the high-heel laced-ups and loafers number one. they tied to the top spot. no violent reactions! was planning to have my own custom-made pair but requires big bucks. yes! plenty of those greens. after a long march in the new york, paris and stockholm fashion shows, it came to stop in the philippine market. lol. haha!

the moral of the story: i was the first one to mention the use of gladiators.

aside from the glads, there was also a boom of the faux rayban wayfarers. yes! fakes! its pretty cheap though, less than 5 bucks and to think that it is sold for 500 bucks! the original. lohan and mc wore these. so as km! they're so lovely!

my friend, lindsay

my aunt, kate!

thanks fashionising

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

funny! just funny!

i was busy chatting and surfing when i came to stumble on a page. its a page full of quotes and stuffs bout gayhood and reality. to brief, its simply glitters and pinks. not so much of the who he is or what he likes. its a profile actually. he's name is ROVIKPI (weird!) and he's from quezon. basically its a collaboration of i think what he thinks gays have in common. im not exactly sure whether he was able to piece them off and sew them together or he did the copy-paste thing (usually done by college students in a hurry for research projects).
its a big rainbow world out there. so much more closets to open, yet so little the time. its like 1% of the whole world population are gay (that includes paris hilton, perez hilton-twin.haha, george bush, ellen degeneres, etc.) its a gay-gay world out there. they breathe the air normal creatures breathe-making the air pink. haha. even the dogs breathe pink air. (tinkerbelle-paris' dog).
so we go back to the page i tripped on.


I want a commitment. (I'm sick of masturbation.)
Haven't I seen you before? (Nice ass.)
I need you. (My hand is tired.)
You're the only man I've ever cared about. (You are the only man who hasn't rejected me.)
I'm a Romantic. (I'm poor.)
I really want to get to know you better. (So I can tell my friends about it.)
It's just orange juice, try it. (3 more shots, and he'll have his legs around my head.)
He's kinda cute. (I want to have sex with him till my dick turns blue!)
He's not my type. (He won't sleep with me.)
I miss you so much (I am so horny that my dog is starting to look good.)
I had a wonderful time last night. (Who the hell are you?)
Do you love me? (I've done something stupid and you might find out.)
Do you 'really' love me? (I've done something stupid and you're going to find out.)
I'll give you a call. (I'd rather have my nipples torn off by wild dogs than see you again.)
I've been thinking a lot. (You're not as attractive as when I was drunk.)
I think we should just be friends. (You're ugly.)
I've learned a lot from you. (Next!!!!)

here's a more localized quote version. more colloquial. anyway, i wouldnt be able to translate the whole part because seriously i am doing away with the language/dialect/whatever!

"Jokela Time" (gay time)

"... aanhin mo ang gwapo... kung mas malandi pa sa'yo..."
"... walang matinong lalake... sa malanding kumare... "
"... wala ng hihigit pa sa malansang isda... kung'di ang isang baklang balahura... "
"... sa hinaba-haba ng prosisyon... bading din pala ang iyong ka-relasyon... "
"... ang tumatakbo ng matulin... may gwapong hahabulin... "
"... matalino man ang bading... nape-perahan pa rin... "
"... ang lalaking nagigipit sa bading kumakapit."

only third-world-junkies knows the meaning of this!

Monday, October 27, 2008

the hair! (sarcastic tone!)

i wanna have her hairstyle too! im so envious! im going 'gaga' over her spiked hair. this goes with a pair of very expensive high heel. the look wouldn't be that gorgeous without it! (i mean the shoes) i mean i so adore her one-of-a-kind-killer-hair-and-heels-with-an-all-laced-little-black-dress. so much with the talking.

thanks to

Sunday, October 26, 2008

sembreak over

it happened in just a snap. it was very quick, i wasn't able to fix my make-up. argh! its so stressful to be back to school again. lots of stuffs to make. it was like a week of fun and f-ing! seriously! in just a blink of an eye, the icing of the cake will be gone. (lick it off!) i seriously have no idea what to blog at first coz little did i know about what happened. haha. sounds pretty uninteresting! bleak! anyways, ive bulleted on the things ive been busy working on this week. let me have a brief.

  • first it was masskara festival
    • we had a nightout
    • went home around 4am
    • woke up 8
  • we had a slumber/night-outish/after party
    • with stilletos and rum
    • chips and fun
    • munsterrific stop
    • long distance walk
    • slept 5
    • woke up 6
  • fam eat out
    • despedida for tita
    • birthday of couz and unc
many more happenings. but what are latest gossips?! well, i should stress it out!

  • big revelations
    • it was a game they made called, 'dirty little secrets' and you have to say a sect and do bottomless. i knew lots of stuff. lots of revs like first sex-capades, first bj's, first dims (lustful kiss) and all firsts.
  • heartbreaks and unites
    • so sad to hear that couples do breakup. so sad, but true! guy meets girl, girl doubtful, girl meets gay guy, girl dims gay guy, girl confused, girl goes home, girl goes to guy, guy accepts girl, girl unites with guy.
  • love over
    • so sad again, just sad. but when love is over, it is defiinitely over!
  • drunk, who's drunk?
    • who's drunk, im not?!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

my cousins are doing great!

just after my mom's birthday, me and my twin decided to dress up our lovely cousins. and they totally loved the idea. we totally messed out my sis's closet and grabbing those outfits she had (including fur coats, cotton tees, a-line dresses. etc.) and they strut their thing! they definitely pulled that off and they nailed it! thier mothers were really proud of them (my aunts). ive edited it to make it more realistic (though the editing was a bit rush!) they're on a subway. compliments to the attitude we have there!
anyway. the whole concept of the picture was to show who among them was the fierce-est. of course, you cant really tell who but all of them had the guts to excude such poses. again, the editing was weird in nature and kindo fake, but for satisfaction purposes. well! petit convincing though.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

just so the scare is over!

just when the MELAMINE scare was over, i thought of blogging these super cute japanese candies (which are 100 virgin). These ranges from chocolate to the sumptuous gummy-ish candies. Price ranges from a dollar to 4 and they are all made from the 'land of the rising sun'. i read though that there were weird flavors like the SOY SAUSE and the PUMPKIN. i mean, where the hell do u find those?! crazy! but just love japanese stuff so might as well relate this fresh stuff.
its a new and impoved version of the old thing. its a better candy now! they also have western copy-cats but originals are still the best!

JAS Mart
35 St. Marks Pl., nr. Second Ave.; 212-420-6370 (and two other locations).
Sunrise Mart
4 Stuyvesant St., nr. Third Ave., second fl.; 212-598-3040 (and one other location).
55 Third Ave., at 11th St.; 212-353-2698.
Tongin Mart
91 Mulberry St., nr. Canal St.; 212-962-6622.
595 River Rd., Edgewater, N.J.; 201-941-9113; shuttle from Port Authority Gate 51; $3 one way.
24 E. 41st St., nr. Fifth Ave.; 212-679-3777.
224 E. 59th St., nr. Third Ave.; 212-755-3566.

thanks to

Friday, October 17, 2008

whats the meaning of this?

we went to 'rob' this morning to go shopping when this phrase (or shall i say this title) catched my attention. it was a phrase related, synonymously related to the idea of our whole advertising campaign. just look at the two and compare. there is a difference with the "!" sign. see it?!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i wish to have the looks!

these are the Topshop looks.

Take Miu Miu's Spring harlequin prints and stiff minidresses, Rodarte's loose tattered knits, Viktor & Rolf's lace-up booties, add in some fringe and metallics here, some plaid and sequins there, and what do you get? Topshop's Fall offerings. Standout pieces include a tiered navy capelet, a coral suede motorcycle jacket and black jumpsuit combo (below), and pale pink alpaca-style chubby. For a glance at the look book, check out the gallery below, and the accessories can be seen here.

from the archive

this picture has never, ever been published online. and this came from one of my very reliable sources. this is a picture of suzy and her (boyfriend) galen. its a photo from a college outing. its actually a dare i first created saying to make them kiss. then the dare was passed on to two girls. and to others. haha. this is it.

ad defense over!

its been a semester and all we did was plan out for the advertising defense, due the end of sem. It was stressful but it was a whole lot of fun! BAHA (a non-profit org, anti flooding, here in the city) and i believe we did the best presentation/advertising proposal ever. it was about support for the ZERO WASTE MANAGEMENT and it was about having students to support. But the sad thing is this, one panel told us 'you could've used the testimonial' (and it was kind of crushed the whole campaign! and we actually conceptualized the same idea from the start in the first place but then it wasn't approved because it was too weak "according to our Ad professor" and we didnt think it was!

no sense isnt it! i know right! but we were included in the top 6. not bad for a starter right?!

Monday, September 22, 2008

sasha or gemma

gemma or sasha... u decide!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i was left alone

last... uhm... monday, i think, lorren went on to class and left me ALONE at the hand ball court. so i had my vanity moments and snapped myself. he. so fetch! good thing that she left me, i wasnt able to take my lunch! toink! i am on a strict no lunch-no breakfast diet. yes and it definitely works. for me of course. i was once 110 but now... 109... just 1 lb. but its a start!

thank you so much!

we just had an awesome treat by one of my classmates working in Mcdo. she is such a friend... we just joked her to treat us and presto! our PR skills did the rest. anyway, she is now the i think assistant manager of a certain branch. i love her! she is such a hard-working-very-diligent-no-comment girl. love the fries!

Saturday, August 23, 2008 featured one of the most promising and most beautiful ever-ever models/supermodel in the business. am talking bout agyness deyn. she is such a model! as in! you wouldnt believe that she is a human being. try to see the site and see it for yourself. the complexion is so smooth that you would think that she really is a mannequin. its as if she has been the picture-perfect-very-model-ish-creature-ever-made-ever-existed on earth!
get that!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Menswear extravanza

nylon magazine grazed its lookbook as they feature the ever androgenous agyness deyn. yes and she's back! Claude Morais and Brian Wolk, collaborated to make the most androgenous look with denims and ties, plaids and all! and i love it! this two designers who worked at YSL and Chanel fused their creativity and style, thus making this one of a kind collection.

for more info visit:

Friday, August 8, 2008

888. The lucky day!

today is 888. and i am so lucky because i am still alive! this event doesnt really happen is a span of like a decade. hence, this happens again in like, August 8, 2088 - and i will be dead by then. haha! and so i am really that thankful. well, we went to this store slash mall called 888. Yes, its 888. and then went to Dunkin and Mr. Donut. Yes donuts day! hahaha. anyway, lorren and i went there to have some snack and to look for a photoshop series for our journalism and for our personal consumption. haha. she owes me Php 50. And that is like $1US. Haha! Thank God! I survived 888.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

they are they

this is seth and jason. my very nice friends. they are they! hahaah... and they are like a couple! jk!
this photo was taken like Sunday August 2, 08, just after our practice with our song. and i told them to pose for like 16 different poses. and as what jason said, he was like Mary. hahah! and seth! tigger (winnie the pooh!) hahaha!
anyways, they are both happy and they are just moving on with their past, if they really had a past!

Officially them

and so she was. they are actually "ON!" Acquaintance party was a date to remember for both of them as they embark into this f-ing thing called Love.
hail to my friend.. she is such a gf for this cute frosh! and guess what, she is actually happy to be with him. like he likes her and she likes him. complimentary! they are so into each other that whoever is in love with like the guy must have thought of backout-ing. hehe!
Coz this guy has a gay stalker and like he keeps on calling him and texting him like hell. sending him love quotes and stuffs and my bff's bf is like very disgusted with him coz he is a total fag-looking-rubbishly-gay-f-ingly-disgusting! and there is this girl that is somehow obsessed with my bff's bf and she is always around him (not really most of the time). but she kinda think like "fuck there he is again!" and im like, "OMG you did not just say that! he maybe doesnt know you even!" haha! and everytime she sees them she'd be bowing her head in dismay. hahah! like both of them, the girl and the gay suitors... if i were them, "better pack their belongings and leave" (tyra banks)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

who wore it best?!

so this is the story. i wore this very nice plaid jeans last saturday, coz we planned to go around the city. And i also had this black top and a tie. and so it was. yes!
days passed by and i was shocked seeing one of my classmates wearing the same jeans as mine! that is so not true!
THE SAME. and to think that this classmate of mine was not my friend (used to be).
was she copying me for a reason???
i mean, whats wrong with the world? dont they have the so called fashion statements of their own?
and look closely at the photos. compare! i wore it saturday, she wore
it the following wednesday! in fairness to me, i was the first one to sport the look. hahaha. laughs.

this photo: saturday outfit. below: wednesday copy outfit!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

booger face!

this is like, my not so popular classmate. he's like the most, if not, hated classmate ever. he's like the know-all kind of person and he is like the ever. so there was this instance where we had to pass like a requirement like that, and he never did waited for us to like pass before deadline. and he is so irritating. coz one time he says that he is not texting this f-ing girl at school, but in reality he is, and he likes, denies the thought of it. and in line with the girl, she said she wouldnt go to our school anymore coz she has this offer in one prestigious school and that she was just making up stories, ending up schooling in our school. argh! that is so pathetic. and going back to him, i mean, he is so like not our friend coz he's like insane and not in his mind ALWAYS.
well, anyway, he admits having hispanic roots but i dont think so. i mean he is so like an exotic beauty.

Friday, July 18, 2008

sasha she is!

like you've definitely seen her. right! its sasha! and i cant stand to see the face! oh!

she's like the face of prada and she's so into it. she had runways for dior, miu miu, chanel etcetera etcetera...

this is so not my crush but lorren's

and so he was. i dont know his name. but he is our classmate in Humanities and he is so f-ing hot! according to lorren a.k.a. suzzy.

well he used to be the most adorable guy in our room, oh! nope. he has a rival. like, the guy in front of him is also so hot! im not really a name-y person, in fact, im poor with names, thats why i dont remember them.
well to suzzy who has been very engrossed with this guy... this is for you...
this is so candid. like, it was just a fast click! click! and the paper below the picture was my notes. i mean they are so blocking the site but i love my the take! so fetch!
i've edited the photo for clearer consumption and for easy tracking.

the guy in blue, is the dad of my son.

peeping Tom!

his name is Tom. he as the representative of the Amity Chamber in school... i dont know the real name of Amity. anyway, we were very hooked up with him that night coz he's so hot! i mean so so hot!

gosh, look at us. are we suppose to be on the altar? jk! he's so gorgeous and he's definitely your chocolate craving! look at how suzzy holds him and how i hugged him. hahah. and look at jason, who is looking good in his guess shirt. and alden, in uniform.

i was in my f-ing uniform. was not able to go home and undress and dress again. just have less time. cos gia's outfit was so demanding and we had less time to prepare. lucky for us though, we had a wardrobe section.

gia in her club costume

we definitely had to thank the people behind the whole outfit!