Wednesday, July 23, 2008

who wore it best?!

so this is the story. i wore this very nice plaid jeans last saturday, coz we planned to go around the city. And i also had this black top and a tie. and so it was. yes!
days passed by and i was shocked seeing one of my classmates wearing the same jeans as mine! that is so not true!
THE SAME. and to think that this classmate of mine was not my friend (used to be).
was she copying me for a reason???
i mean, whats wrong with the world? dont they have the so called fashion statements of their own?
and look closely at the photos. compare! i wore it saturday, she wore
it the following wednesday! in fairness to me, i was the first one to sport the look. hahaha. laughs.

this photo: saturday outfit. below: wednesday copy outfit!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

booger face!

this is like, my not so popular classmate. he's like the most, if not, hated classmate ever. he's like the know-all kind of person and he is like the ever. so there was this instance where we had to pass like a requirement like that, and he never did waited for us to like pass before deadline. and he is so irritating. coz one time he says that he is not texting this f-ing girl at school, but in reality he is, and he likes, denies the thought of it. and in line with the girl, she said she wouldnt go to our school anymore coz she has this offer in one prestigious school and that she was just making up stories, ending up schooling in our school. argh! that is so pathetic. and going back to him, i mean, he is so like not our friend coz he's like insane and not in his mind ALWAYS.
well, anyway, he admits having hispanic roots but i dont think so. i mean he is so like an exotic beauty.

Friday, July 18, 2008

sasha she is!

like you've definitely seen her. right! its sasha! and i cant stand to see the face! oh!

she's like the face of prada and she's so into it. she had runways for dior, miu miu, chanel etcetera etcetera...

this is so not my crush but lorren's

and so he was. i dont know his name. but he is our classmate in Humanities and he is so f-ing hot! according to lorren a.k.a. suzzy.

well he used to be the most adorable guy in our room, oh! nope. he has a rival. like, the guy in front of him is also so hot! im not really a name-y person, in fact, im poor with names, thats why i dont remember them.
well to suzzy who has been very engrossed with this guy... this is for you...
this is so candid. like, it was just a fast click! click! and the paper below the picture was my notes. i mean they are so blocking the site but i love my the take! so fetch!
i've edited the photo for clearer consumption and for easy tracking.

the guy in blue, is the dad of my son.

peeping Tom!

his name is Tom. he as the representative of the Amity Chamber in school... i dont know the real name of Amity. anyway, we were very hooked up with him that night coz he's so hot! i mean so so hot!

gosh, look at us. are we suppose to be on the altar? jk! he's so gorgeous and he's definitely your chocolate craving! look at how suzzy holds him and how i hugged him. hahah. and look at jason, who is looking good in his guess shirt. and alden, in uniform.

i was in my f-ing uniform. was not able to go home and undress and dress again. just have less time. cos gia's outfit was so demanding and we had less time to prepare. lucky for us though, we had a wardrobe section.

gia in her club costume

we definitely had to thank the people behind the whole outfit!