Saturday, November 22, 2008

the bow tie experience

i never had yet another oh-ah experience but just recently i was swept with this one of a kind find. the new... bow tie clutch by valentino.

This Valentino bow will get the holiday cheer rolling

Valentino's Noeud d'Amore clutch

WHY: It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but already we're faced with holiday-themed Starbucks cups and more commercials than we can comfortably handle. We weren't ready--until we spotted this sweet Valentino clutch. Sure, it's a little Blair Waldorf, but how adorable will it be with our holiday party dresses? Bring on the cheer!

PRICE: $1,095

sasha for galliano

she is the new galliano girl 'sasha pivovarova'. she now represents john galliano's spring 09 which will be printed in paris. this is so far a glimpse.

Sasha Pivovarova went from Prada to Tiffany’s to…John Galliano. We hear that our favorite Russian czarina just shot his colorful campaign in Paris.

natalia for vogue nov 2008

and natalia shows how laid-back is worn in the 'field of spring' spread for vogue US 2008. photographed by mario testino, natalia went on to wear airy dresses in soft, delightful colors. its somewhat has a mother/parent feel to it, and was shot either on plains or in the forest. i quote "wildflower, longgrasses, the river, cypress trees. i just love them. you better see the photos to judge.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

its a confirmation!

supermodel emanuela de paula walks for victoria secret fashion show this 15th of november at miami. im sure she'll strut her walk and she'll amaze the crowd with her stunning body. bbb. boobs+body+brain=emanuela de paula.

other info's on emanuela de paula
Born:25 April
Where:Pernambuco, Brazil
Height:176 cm
Bust:84 cm
Waist:59 cm
Hips:89 cm

Fashion & beauty brands connected to Emanuela de Paula:
Alexandre Herchcovitch
Baby Phat
Bottega Veneta
Catherine Malandrino
Costume National
Diane von Furstenberg
Kenneth Cole
Rosa Cha
Tommy Hilfiger
Victorias Secret

few more hours before 19

it was such an experience having to live at the age of 18. i had so much fun and met new friends and have the first tastes of the bitter-sweet life of hollywood. its so much better on the top. im a few hours to 19 and all i think about is what ive done and what to do to advocate change at (least obama and me get that in common). I always thought that i got to accomplish something before the annual turnover but then again i was a little over excited over things that i almost overlook the possibilities. i had planned to joined the teen vogue photo fashionista contest but i missed the deadline. still planning to pass an artwork at the nylon mag but just couldn't start any. i swear, this is definitely a sad thing! having to see the ferocious sun rise and fall. the sight is so heartbreaking. i wasn't able to finish what has to be done and in some ways start what had to be started. im still 18 this point and going to my last stage of being a teenager. good thing to reminisce the 18 years of existence and maybe a couple more years of life. there are so many things yet to be spoken. still a couple of things to be discussed. a million and one facts worth knowing. a dozen more LV bags yet to be designed. a gazillion more balenciaga and lacroix runway shows, still more dior and chanel hautes. i am just starting to bloom into a magnificent person. i am starting to change old ways and start things ive never ever experienced. how is it like to be a boss of a million-dollar company? i guess, its endless on the top. nostalgia. ive done my wishlist for christmas and things to be done before 18 but i guessed i was a total fail! i was a flop that i don't get what i've always wanted.
enough of those cakes and candles. those childish things. i guess so! there is more to birthdays that gets to be noticed, like... i can't think of anything so pardon me! when i was still a kid, i used to think that life was this and that and birthdays was more of the gift receiving event. little did i know that it was more than that. it was more of a proof. yet when i was still a little bud i would suggest that i would soon be my own profession. lorenz-eer like and engineer. but it sort of another dissapointment. but then again it turned out to be another engineering practice, that is fashion design engineering if that term really exist. funny! ive always wanted to experiment and do lab works. ive always been fascinated to form, and lines, and texture, and fabrics. i think that once you have the fashion within you, its like education, it cannot be stolen. sound a little cliche but its true. for so long ive breathe fashion and i think i would die a fashionable death. i will now start a life that is branched out. that every choices had to be justified. but in the world of fashion, every second, every runway, every dress is both a history and a legend.

quotes from my favorite designers:
from coco chanel
In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
from yves saint laurent
Fashions fade, style is eternal.
from ralph lauren
I don't design clothes, I design dreams.
from giorgio armani
The difference between style and fashion is quality.

still many more to mention...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

puey, the designer.

just recently, puey had a fashion show in the bilibid jail. this is in line with the awareness thingy going on inside the parcel. inmates were priviledged to sign and be a part of this envious 'one-of-a-kind-experience' brought by no less than the master himself, puey quinones. i was thinking to commit a heinous crime to have a chance to meet-and-greet-and-be-a -student-of -mr.puey. ever since anne curtis wore his designs, i was really stunned and stinged. i so love his uber-expressionistic style on garment. he's so unique. think of one person to credit the top designs, its puey. well, good thing ive befriended him on fs. still waiting for the confirmation though.

c/o i dont know if its really puey..
coz it appears he's just grabbing pics from the original


Monday, November 3, 2008

not sartorialist!

the face hunter is a blogspot (sartorialist look alike) and is really the same with its counterpart. the shots the layouts, everything. its pretty nice thought that it was not candid, like what sarts is known for. more edgy, more posh, more posee. the face hunter spot is just one of the street fashion blogspots dedicated to prove that "fashion is not only in boutiques but in the streets."

sample photo

another site that looks like sartorialists is the styleclicker. its a website though. it looks like sartorialist to the last detail. it also is a lookbook-ish type of site for streetwear.

yet another site is the stylescout. it also is a streetwear site based in london.

The Style Scout is out there, scouting the great looks of the streets of London. We love London street style! We love vintage, we love high-street, we love London street fashion! We roam places such as Portobello, Carnaby Street, Spitalfields and Brick Lane and meet great people everywhere.

thank you so much, and