Wednesday, September 30, 2009

london is still in the league

new york fashion week is like the mother of all fashion weeks first because of anna. she blessed september as the month in fashion. followed by other fashion weeks such as milan, paris and of course, london. to justify that london is still on the running to fashion extravaganza, here are some trends spotted on london fashion week.

talk about every big name in london fashion. we have on the list burberry, matthew williamson, marios schwab, antonio berardi, pringle of scotland, house of holland, basso and brooke and so much more, i am running out of saliva!

so here's a rundown!
lame is ok!

color me pastel.

let's do, peek-a-boo.

careful not to spill the yellow acid.

cris cross and drape *snap

sequin me more!

let's get physical.

let's talk future tapestry.

originally from refinery29

i just dont get it! puhleez!

its difficult to make and maintain a blog, specifically a fashion blog, if you are not surrounded by fashionably inclined/style conscious individuals. unlike a lot of bloggers out there, i dont see any person around me that is worth the snap (not like when you are in paris, or new york or wherever but here). for most filipinos, they may think that you just dress and wear that shirt over and over again and that's it - that's life! but seriously, do they not see the trend? anna wintour is paid to do vogue, rachel zoe was born to style. can they not put on a catchy accessory or something? i believe that this impoverished region has a lot of things in mind other than glamorizing. wake up darling, this is third world!

what you see on the streets of paris, you dont see here!

photo from

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

what the bangs!

a good friend recently cut her bangs short. these are somehow called the supermodel bangs or the heavy bangs but shortly like tyra banks'. just so you know, we (with my twin) would often tease her about her bangs but not for long! frankly speaking, the first day was just omfg! this is her transition (below). from a naughty, two-eared school girl (often seen on anime) to a defined anime/hentai star to now the queen of bangs. leave it all up to her - she knows how to do her bangs!

♫she bangs, she bangs♫

but you might want to try these looks. lula#9 fall winter 09-10 starring karen elson.

talk about haircuts!

sci-fi movies are ohh so boring with the same story line and non-fictional characters. sci-fi movies (what ive learned from film appreciation class) should have both elements of science and fiction with excessive bang and boom (the george lucas syndrome).

creative directors/production designer/wardrobe should deal with the hair once and for all! it creeps me out everytime i see an unrealistic approach to the future especially dealing with the hair! take a look at these photos and see for yourself what i mean.

battle field earth, john travolta, worst ive ever seen!

mad max beyond thunderdome, tina turner, history plus bad hair day plus sunny-humid-y weather!

the fifth element, chris tucker, anyone seen my choodle(cheetah and poodle)? i left it somewhere!

the matrix reloaded, adrian and niel rayment, braid? dreads? blonde? i dont get it!

and the best of them all!

leonard nimoy, star trek series, audrey hepburn in roman holiday is that you?

Monday, September 28, 2009

ohhkay! over hype? not fair!

i just dont get why she got a lot of hype with this outfit (im talking about and its not fair. well, i visited her blog and she's from stockholm. i really dont know much about her because the language is so stockhom-ish, but her style, very distinct! there is no special thing with her outfit though, just the lips, they are so major!

T-shirt, Monki; Skirt, Secondhand; Baf, second hand;Basker, Hattbaren

beyonce and shoe fatale!

if you are a hollywood celeb, you have the chance to wear the latest trend off the runway. just what beyonce did with the creme dress of matthew williamson! how cool is that! just dont like the fit on her though, she looks like a walking bacon with crepe around her! (sorry, im a bit size-ist)

on the other side of the globe, london shoe fest introduced astounding, somehow weird looking shoes (some of which are structured, stringy, leathery and wire-y).

hail to the alpaca!

look how cute these alpaca is!

just because i love them, doesnt mean i would never want them transformed into a bag. as we all know, marni, as a brand, stood for non-traditional, eccentric and modern designs for its line. i would think that this coveted bag is not so much of the lv's and chanel's but its like a virgin bag for winter. it is not your normal keepall bag or birkin. what i like about this bag is that it's big, you would never hesitate to bring your own house - that's for sure. measures roughly about a square foot, the bag is a silver colored alpaca is lined with twill with brown leather.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

this is how they do it in the third world!

if they have the sartorialist, they have the lookbook, wait til you see this! so i was doing the production thiny with the staff when i lit a stick outside the venue. as usual, i can really smell the third world filth - but i was really stunned and shocked when i saw this woman strolling the busy street of metro bacolod. i was really panicking to get my cam and take some snaps of her:

coco who? know your coco!

damian in mean girls said something about glen coco! he's a school mate and an extra in the film (btw, he was given i think 5 candy canes from santa). well, enough of that! last year, christmas, coco rocha ran some test to determine whether people know coco chanel over coco rocha or vise versa!

Friday, September 25, 2009

second time around

this was a long day for me! i wasnt able to sleep. swear to gawd!

i heard the cockoo i knew that i had to stop dreaming that i can sleep. checked my emails, checked the time, its 6 in the morning something. prepared my breakfast. then i heard the audible church bells and the sweeping of the street cleaners - and my sleep craving was over! dead over!

i have a lot of things in mind.
-whether we can reach our quota.
-whether we can nail it (to scare some school kids).
-whether what to wear!(major!)
-whether to go see a doctor and ask for some sleeping pills.
-whether to reply to emails or not.
-whether to cook bacon or hotdog.
-whether to blog.

i have nothing much to say except to congratulate my aunt kate for coming out in the october issue of vogue uk.

coco rocha for vogue korea october ish.

jessica stam for numero korea october ish.

and kudos to nicholas kirkwood for rodarte for the astounding heels.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

the day i stopped calling him hubby!

this is the third day of the 5-grueling days of the horror room. this was a 180 turn for me because i had to decide for myself what's good and what's better. im really poor with options, i admit. really terrible deciding what to decide. i must say that this day marked a bitter-cheery day for me. i was really really tired and exhausted that i forgot to eat on time. bitter in a way that i had to do multitasking, from my assigned makeup, to the guides (those that lead the way in the horror room setting) to chewing someone out for doing something imbecile-ic . cheery! why was i cheery? oh, because in a two-day period elvis will leave the building!

i really do not wanna blog right now, but im pressured that i might not blog about things for the following days. my schedule is erratic and its really not a piece of cake! i am part of a production team of an event and i was really hoping to join my batch for tomorrow's national coverage! but, dang it! i cant! oh shoot!

and before i part and hit my sack, this day will be the day that i had to stop calling my hubby, hubby. why? it's a long story!

p.s. i really hated that mask! i had an asthma attack last night so i had to wear that hideous gear!
what i wore today? black cropped jacket and grey sweater, magarbo, pink shirt and jeans, custom made, black laced-up shoes, thrifted.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

leather feather angry beaver!

fashion underground. spreads of fash mags are going bolder and nuder! a notch higher, it can be considered pornographic. fashion mags are now into fetish and leather and boots and everything in between. though some may think that fash mags go overboard, they should be educated of the word 'artistic'. the issue before was sizing down or the size zero trend. but now, nudity is taking a step forward (or likely two steps forward). take for example the september issue of interview mag.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

that bow tie hat

im not really a fan of aretha but i love her respect song.

so here is an interview by wwd on her fashion sense:

"franklin thinks it “has and it hasn’t evolved” throughout her half-century-long career. for one thing, she has always delighted in fine, often surprising details and sumptuous fabrics. one of her first stage outfits, she recalls, was a black silk velvet gown with a brocade underskirt that she would reveal via a subtle flip toward the audience as the young performer took her seat at the piano. “oh, it was fabulous,” franklin remembers. “that kind of set the pace for my taste in fashion.”

im not really a big aretha fan, but yeah, everyone loves and likes her, including her music. reminds me of my uncle!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

alcohol, caffeine and NICOTINE

few months left until that holiday break. few months to march on march. im almost freakin out with how things turned out these past few days. its not at all major but it really pisses me off - lousier than a month without sex. to start, a good friend, who used to be a clique is not indifferent. im startled and i stood aghast as everthing uncovered on its own. second, this whole horror room thing sucks! im really tired and i feel nonsense (well, just for a while). i wish i can fritter one day and be free with all the wrinkles and hustles. thirdly, i really feel that with my 2 going 3 week non stop drinking, it would make my liver look like a rotten log. but let me highlight on the second one (even if im not fond of derek fisher's number - la lakers, something i googled).

playing with those rolled papers, lit them up and gasp some smoke when i was just a little kid was a bitter sweet feeling. i really cal smoker turned smoke belcher turned chimney and now gawd knows what! i am not pro smokingnt recall when i first respired a cigarette but gawd knows i didn't at all barked or something. im like a socia or whatever, its just that i feel the urge to get hold of that c-stick and just feel the gushing smoke and things are always getting better! (everytime). i was planning to quit january which was included in my resolution but quit is such a big word. now i have a cranky feeling and i feel the need to stop! completely. the thing is this, im not yet ready to throw those butts away, empty the ashtray or even use the lighter for its purpose. after all, if i really wanted to stop, or quit or what-word-best-describes-it!, it is a choice. to stay smoke free or to end in smoke.

Friday, September 18, 2009

proenza schouler: the supreme!

proenza schouler still my best for ny fash week! the scuba multi-colored theme was superb and every piece is breathless!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

sheer it all the way!

nyfw is about sheer and everything. from prabal gurung to jen kao, vena cava, bcbg, preen, nicole miller, alexander wang, erin featherston, vera wang a a whole lot more! sheer is really the new 'it' trend.