Tuesday, September 29, 2009

talk about haircuts!

sci-fi movies are ohh so boring with the same story line and non-fictional characters. sci-fi movies (what ive learned from film appreciation class) should have both elements of science and fiction with excessive bang and boom (the george lucas syndrome).

creative directors/production designer/wardrobe should deal with the hair once and for all! it creeps me out everytime i see an unrealistic approach to the future especially dealing with the hair! take a look at these photos and see for yourself what i mean.

battle field earth, john travolta, worst ive ever seen!

mad max beyond thunderdome, tina turner, history plus bad hair day plus sunny-humid-y weather!

the fifth element, chris tucker, anyone seen my choodle(cheetah and poodle)? i left it somewhere!

the matrix reloaded, adrian and niel rayment, braid? dreads? blonde? i dont get it!

and the best of them all!

leonard nimoy, star trek series, audrey hepburn in roman holiday is that you?

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