Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ashtrays, lights and bitching

with all the nail biting and cold sweats - everything goes back to normal (well, i think).

after all the pissy things around me, rewarding yourself is always the best thing. so i got myself some alcohol and a handful of cigarette (smoked one stick at a the previous on a two-week straight basis. yesterday is really a stressful day for me. upon receiving those not-so-great replies from people, i think that intoxicating yourself is a great escape. well, its really nice to bring back the feeling, but doesnt get the dreadful fact that it wasnt really for me. though i think at times whats life with her.

it was one week ago when a semi-magical thing happened. i saw someone, we met and i felt a tint of infatuation (well i wouldnt really admit that it was infatuation). like the rushing world, things went pretty fast, secrets unfolded like tarot cards on the fortune teller's hand. i would say that cupid was wrong in choosing the right one for me (this time!). he was stupid enough to pick someone and made it stand out of the crowd. let me call that someone tyler (sounds like my toy lion way back elementary). tyler doesnt have a good personality, my blockmates would always tell me how annoying, unfeminine and gluttonous she was. now im talking about a she! not really my first but you know!

so tyler is really cute and charming and short, with a bonus smile! falling for her is as easy as a instant noodles.

i just believe that to ease the pain, you need to drown yourself, eat your heart out or confess to someone - the latter i did.

the greatest thing in life is watching your own runway show and have a standing ovation.

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