Wednesday, September 2, 2009

of lgbt pride march and pinas

it seems to me that the perception of filipinos of gays was worse to worst! even if the lgbt population in this filth (sorry for the word) country is really sporadic. i believe that this was brought about by conservative catholic homophobics and others who view lgbt's as immoral(but what they do isnt morally upright at all!). gay pride march is pretty much celebrated in almost every corner of the globe every 26th of june. here in the philippines, a lesser popularized version happened june 26, 2004. the first of its kind in the philippines and in the asian region.

but before that, the an lgbt parade was held june 26, 2000 - quezon memorial circle - which had poor reception.

last year, they held an lgbt pride parade in baguio.

i am really hoping that i can join each and every lgbt pride parade there is. i was hoping to have one in our region, but of course, coming from a very conservative catholic family, they would not allow me join (but then ill sneak if that happens). if a fairy asks me one wish, it would not be about myself, it would not be about my future, i would wish, that she reverse the minds of those homophobes so that they will accept the lgbt community in our country, especially in our region. after all, we are all equal, we have equal rights.

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