Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i just dont get it! puhleez!

its difficult to make and maintain a blog, specifically a fashion blog, if you are not surrounded by fashionably inclined/style conscious individuals. unlike a lot of bloggers out there, i dont see any person around me that is worth the snap (not like when you are in paris, or new york or wherever but here). for most filipinos, they may think that you just dress and wear that shirt over and over again and that's it - that's life! but seriously, do they not see the trend? anna wintour is paid to do vogue, rachel zoe was born to style. can they not put on a catchy accessory or something? i believe that this impoverished region has a lot of things in mind other than glamorizing. wake up darling, this is third world!

what you see on the streets of paris, you dont see here!

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