Thursday, September 24, 2009

the day i stopped calling him hubby!

this is the third day of the 5-grueling days of the horror room. this was a 180 turn for me because i had to decide for myself what's good and what's better. im really poor with options, i admit. really terrible deciding what to decide. i must say that this day marked a bitter-cheery day for me. i was really really tired and exhausted that i forgot to eat on time. bitter in a way that i had to do multitasking, from my assigned makeup, to the guides (those that lead the way in the horror room setting) to chewing someone out for doing something imbecile-ic . cheery! why was i cheery? oh, because in a two-day period elvis will leave the building!

i really do not wanna blog right now, but im pressured that i might not blog about things for the following days. my schedule is erratic and its really not a piece of cake! i am part of a production team of an event and i was really hoping to join my batch for tomorrow's national coverage! but, dang it! i cant! oh shoot!

and before i part and hit my sack, this day will be the day that i had to stop calling my hubby, hubby. why? it's a long story!

p.s. i really hated that mask! i had an asthma attack last night so i had to wear that hideous gear!
what i wore today? black cropped jacket and grey sweater, magarbo, pink shirt and jeans, custom made, black laced-up shoes, thrifted.

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