Monday, September 7, 2009

baptized by baptiste (and something moroccan)

after a day without posts, im back with a bang. nothing new, nothing special, just the simple me. i had one nightmare-ish weekend. its really nice that this crappy nation is having a lot of holidays. anyways, im really tired and aching all over, every inch of my muscle's stressed out. gawd knows what ive been through.

i really enjoyed my moroccan inspired outfit yesterday. i really, badly need a turban. im gonna go make one! i was like, what would be moroccan than an authentic moroccan outfit. viva to givenchy spring 2009 (it was moroccan inspired). next thing that i would want to wear? something like john galliano rtw 2009+russian-balkan folklore. i love it!

i was really hoping to post something new, something eye popping today and i tumbled upon these photos by my uncle karl. they're so adorable and like, he is still the king of black and white. i kinda drooled over baptiste giabiconi for a while but them im worried about those high heels he wore, they're so pretty on him! envy me. snapped by uncle karl for purple mag (still my fave color). im so down, my stimulant is baptiste, im now loving him (and some cigarette sticks).

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