Monday, September 22, 2008

sasha or gemma

gemma or sasha... u decide!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i was left alone

last... uhm... monday, i think, lorren went on to class and left me ALONE at the hand ball court. so i had my vanity moments and snapped myself. he. so fetch! good thing that she left me, i wasnt able to take my lunch! toink! i am on a strict no lunch-no breakfast diet. yes and it definitely works. for me of course. i was once 110 but now... 109... just 1 lb. but its a start!

thank you so much!

we just had an awesome treat by one of my classmates working in Mcdo. she is such a friend... we just joked her to treat us and presto! our PR skills did the rest. anyway, she is now the i think assistant manager of a certain branch. i love her! she is such a hard-working-very-diligent-no-comment girl. love the fries!