Tuesday, February 24, 2009

lara and me

its nice that lara stone really got to show off recently. well she's nude again! luckily for her, she got a nice body to flaunt! W magazine got lara stone to be a member of the nude club. or at least! so this is now the trend. kate moss did it, occasionally; lindsay did it for new york and now what?! lara! haha. when you come to think of it, nudity is always lara. there was vogue paris, vogue italy and vogue paris again... along with Amanda Laine, Sigrid Agren, Edita Vilkeviciute and Constance Jablonski. dont you just love when ladies go nude!

just this evening, before i wrote this, i had to go naked. i had to confess because there is something to confess. we had a confession activity which i hated because for most of my cmates, they thought of me as the devil. at least if i wore prade... but i didn't i had salvatore. well i just hated to be with the group! i so dont like the attitude and the feelers. they can just make this event. suck each others awesomeness perhaps and likely suck each others cunt! i do admit that i love plastics. but them, they arent plastics. they are gum-sucking-road-whores! i hated them! i hate them now! i will forever hate them!

but being naked doesnt mean showing everything. at least, i have things i own up to myself. now that i got to see what they felt about me, i do know their strengths and weaknesses. i have had an apology, but to some, i will not! i have the highest pride ever! i am EGOCENTRIC and i dont care what they think and feel. i dont really care at all when they told me how much they hate me and stuff. im not AFFECTED! seriously! sh** your sh** and f*** ur holes! b***hes! all you fido faces! haha.

Monday, February 23, 2009

this is so what im gonna wear!

i think i found my soulmate in the person of THORTON BREGAZZI. he is a genius. i think im going to wear his creation for preen 2009-2010 women's collection. and these are those...

let me add something there. i think i have found the loves of my life. (Christopher Kane and of course!)

jumpsuits, coats or jeans?

i cant make up my mind. this is such an event i cant miss. this will be like a testimony of my prowess. ok. so what am i talking about?! well its what to wear on an awards night. and to think that i will be the event manager?! OMG! all caps. snap here and there. i have 3 choices as of the moment cause i dont wanna wear something legging-y or something that has to do with stockings. i want a fresh look, an innovative one. i dont want to be trashy or some sort of that stuff but i am now stuck with 3 choices. will i wear jumpsuits? its been everywhere in a/w 09-10 runways.

there has been an instant come-back of the jumpsuits. i dont know how it came to be, but one thing is sure, it is easy to slip on! its like a bathrobe or something. its pretty exciting how these jumpsuits will look like on people with short legs. there will look good on tall, skinny, blonde girls i think so. next thing to wear are coats. of course street staples. they are like the 'classics of the street'

am i to wear fur coats or a trench or a parka or something. i really dont know. well the venue is not that cold anyway so its a 50-50 decision. i really cant make up my mind right now because sad to say, philippines is such a hot-humid-full-of-shit-people country. and if i am going to wear a coat, will i have leggings on which is mostly the case or just bare legs which im shy to flaunt.

last on my check list are the denim top and bottoms. i dont know how this may sound, but for me its so-so. not so perfect, yet not so uber. but its so stilted. im over denims already but its just a choice! i cant really decide! i dont have yet shoes! scan, scan, scan...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

francine and circles

bilib awards is fast and chin has no outfit! still no shoes! ahhh... here's what she will look like. from christopher kane...


still under construction your top!

carine oh carine!

how i wish i had those fur coat of yours. so puffy, so pink! i perfectly love it!

carine it is and carine it will be!

carine roitfeld is copy-cat-ing who? anna wintour?! no way! yes way? judge your own!

in her aviators while watching calvin klien's collection. is that bad or is it really really good? and she also wore these shoes...

these shoes might be stunning but i dont find it that way! however here are some of the comments our friends gave!

  1. vince Says:

    Glad to see she chose to step out in Sigerson Morrison heels! I wonder if the brand will get as much of a boost as Balmain received from the Vogue Paris team!

  2. stacy Says:

    Vince’s comment above sums up my thoughts. One added point - the shoes are hot!

  3. kingchic Says:

    I think people are going to be all over Sigerson post-fashion week. It only takes one team, or person in this case. Someone of Roitfeld’s caliber would definitely do it. They remind me of a pair of Dries heels I’ve seen.


  4. Thumbelina Fashionista Says:

    Love this bootie version. I saw a tall knee boot version on Bergdorf’s website, and while it was fierce, it was a little TOO fierce for me. But these are hot and manageable!

  5. Hapsical Says:


    Did you manage to get a shot of her in that big fluffy coat?


  6. Coco Says:

    If these shoes were mine, they’d be a favorite too! Lovely.

and just so new york fashion week is over, marc jacobs latest autumn/winter collection was a total disaster! it is! a sample is....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

why havent i updated?!

there are so many things to tell. first, you get to decide who to cling to. its a matter of steel or rock or even satin or tulle! let's say, you have a friend, and that friend is not so your friend, and she squeels something about you, which is true? how would you react? ok. another! what if you had a friend, who admittedly say that they are in a group, or shall i say to a 7?! the hell i care with that? i mean, im not really affected but it seems that that fugly girl is referring the 8th one to be me! what's special with the 7? they aren't intelligent, they arent creative, they aren't fashion-conscious, they are not pretty! they are not qualified for a circle! and how would you interpret a 'jacket of defense mechanism'? i dont get it? and fiestivities of reality? dont be such a retard. obviously, an 'a' is always an 'a'. 'b' comes after it. they refer 'A' to excellence, to supremacy. 'B' is a so-so. so, so bad! i guess there are only 9 of us in our batch. at least we dont get to choose who we include. its stated! the problem is you! not me! im perfectly fine! and dont pretend that you have more to say because as far as my grades are concerned, you are the last in line. one thing is certain, i have had a camera ever since elementary, ive had editing and photography in high school, and you just had yours recently! haha. you are such a loser! i know stuffs better than you do! piece of advice: why dont you shave your head and go back to the far-flung hometown, at least you're at home there!

im so not over him! i am still! i dont know how to but it goes to show that my heart really beats him! well, pity me for being a crap! that's why i had my night out on a sunday, with a friend and a daiquiri. and its pretty devastating that he has found another person, older and experienced. we just had margarita last night, together with 2 other friends, and seriously, im still struck! love over!

got to taste the 1-tar cigarette! its so soothing and right! no effect! raison from korea! yepee!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i badly need some rest! yesterday it was!

i badly need to rest. its been 29 hours of not sleeping, and i cant wait to rest my eyes. yesterday was a bitter-sweet day. no more time to think. it was a very spontaneous day for all of us. we had shooting at 6:30 and we had chicken for dinner. eating with friends is so much more fun than watching those old-time three stooges.
the point is that, i need some cucumber to ease my swelling eye bags, or maybe a simple augmentation will do. i cant bear the stress anymore. i really cant. for as long as im studying, these things will'nt go. and worse, comes to worst, i may be hospitalized for doing such. i admit, im not into sleeping pills and what have you, but then i really really need some sleep. 7 hours? just 7 hours. or maybe 6 or whatever. ok, so later i will have to eat breakfast and get ready for school. and listen to those boring discussions our professors are giving us. seriously! there are no non-boring day at school. monotonous. im starving right now and i wanted to eat something. but then, i have a diet to focus on. and crash diet is doing no good. at least, for someone i know. the fact remains that when you are fat, no matter how stills fake it, you are, and you will be, for the mean time! i have nothing against fat people but this is 2009, hello! what are we suppose to do? munch and munch and get gluttonous? OMG! i just cant bear the sight of a pork, how will i eat something?
oh well, i have to really really rest. my hands are really tired and my eyes are that blurry. for all i know, i will have to pass something later and thats final! lots of love to my someone! i hope you understand why i didnt call. but i still love you!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

what do i wanna have from the past? 3 things!

i am a very shallow person. i do love things which are to some pretty simply. there are only 3 things i would want to have right now, i mean, at this second!


vogue september 2008 issue. heaviest issue ever! kudos to aunt anna!


Balenciaga lego-esque. viva Nicolas Ghesquiere!


Audrey Hepburn's filter!

i kept track

well i dont have anything to say! to start, i kept track of my doings for the past week and so far it was monotonous. last sunday, i confessed to my crush, jason about what i felt. it was a very stiff confrontation over SMS. he wasnt that serious about it and he slept. then i greeted lychee, her birthday! best day ever was thursday. i didnt mind him for like 3 days in a row, and i did it. maybe he wasnt that important to me and stuff but lately ive been professionally seeing him and talking to him. this day, i had an additional allowance, then planned for our big awards night, moi, as an event manager. had a cup of milk, a mug of choco latte frappe and 3 bite-sized chocolates. and i received a text from him to end my thursday. whew! i knew my friends, those that were on my side. to end the week, i went to a fashion show for the marketer's union. it was an exhaustive event! swear. they had to start for like 8:30 but no one was there, so they had to delay! OMG! it was pretty dragging and un-fashion-y!

me and my twin at an event. kilts and skirts? not bad!

why are you taking a picture of me?!