Sunday, February 1, 2009

i kept track

well i dont have anything to say! to start, i kept track of my doings for the past week and so far it was monotonous. last sunday, i confessed to my crush, jason about what i felt. it was a very stiff confrontation over SMS. he wasnt that serious about it and he slept. then i greeted lychee, her birthday! best day ever was thursday. i didnt mind him for like 3 days in a row, and i did it. maybe he wasnt that important to me and stuff but lately ive been professionally seeing him and talking to him. this day, i had an additional allowance, then planned for our big awards night, moi, as an event manager. had a cup of milk, a mug of choco latte frappe and 3 bite-sized chocolates. and i received a text from him to end my thursday. whew! i knew my friends, those that were on my side. to end the week, i went to a fashion show for the marketer's union. it was an exhaustive event! swear. they had to start for like 8:30 but no one was there, so they had to delay! OMG! it was pretty dragging and un-fashion-y!

me and my twin at an event. kilts and skirts? not bad!

why are you taking a picture of me?!

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