Monday, February 23, 2009

jumpsuits, coats or jeans?

i cant make up my mind. this is such an event i cant miss. this will be like a testimony of my prowess. ok. so what am i talking about?! well its what to wear on an awards night. and to think that i will be the event manager?! OMG! all caps. snap here and there. i have 3 choices as of the moment cause i dont wanna wear something legging-y or something that has to do with stockings. i want a fresh look, an innovative one. i dont want to be trashy or some sort of that stuff but i am now stuck with 3 choices. will i wear jumpsuits? its been everywhere in a/w 09-10 runways.

there has been an instant come-back of the jumpsuits. i dont know how it came to be, but one thing is sure, it is easy to slip on! its like a bathrobe or something. its pretty exciting how these jumpsuits will look like on people with short legs. there will look good on tall, skinny, blonde girls i think so. next thing to wear are coats. of course street staples. they are like the 'classics of the street'

am i to wear fur coats or a trench or a parka or something. i really dont know. well the venue is not that cold anyway so its a 50-50 decision. i really cant make up my mind right now because sad to say, philippines is such a hot-humid-full-of-shit-people country. and if i am going to wear a coat, will i have leggings on which is mostly the case or just bare legs which im shy to flaunt.

last on my check list are the denim top and bottoms. i dont know how this may sound, but for me its so-so. not so perfect, yet not so uber. but its so stilted. im over denims already but its just a choice! i cant really decide! i dont have yet shoes! scan, scan, scan...

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