Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i badly need some rest! yesterday it was!

i badly need to rest. its been 29 hours of not sleeping, and i cant wait to rest my eyes. yesterday was a bitter-sweet day. no more time to think. it was a very spontaneous day for all of us. we had shooting at 6:30 and we had chicken for dinner. eating with friends is so much more fun than watching those old-time three stooges.
the point is that, i need some cucumber to ease my swelling eye bags, or maybe a simple augmentation will do. i cant bear the stress anymore. i really cant. for as long as im studying, these things will'nt go. and worse, comes to worst, i may be hospitalized for doing such. i admit, im not into sleeping pills and what have you, but then i really really need some sleep. 7 hours? just 7 hours. or maybe 6 or whatever. ok, so later i will have to eat breakfast and get ready for school. and listen to those boring discussions our professors are giving us. seriously! there are no non-boring day at school. monotonous. im starving right now and i wanted to eat something. but then, i have a diet to focus on. and crash diet is doing no good. at least, for someone i know. the fact remains that when you are fat, no matter how stills fake it, you are, and you will be, for the mean time! i have nothing against fat people but this is 2009, hello! what are we suppose to do? munch and munch and get gluttonous? OMG! i just cant bear the sight of a pork, how will i eat something?
oh well, i have to really really rest. my hands are really tired and my eyes are that blurry. for all i know, i will have to pass something later and thats final! lots of love to my someone! i hope you understand why i didnt call. but i still love you!

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