Saturday, February 21, 2009

why havent i updated?!

there are so many things to tell. first, you get to decide who to cling to. its a matter of steel or rock or even satin or tulle! let's say, you have a friend, and that friend is not so your friend, and she squeels something about you, which is true? how would you react? ok. another! what if you had a friend, who admittedly say that they are in a group, or shall i say to a 7?! the hell i care with that? i mean, im not really affected but it seems that that fugly girl is referring the 8th one to be me! what's special with the 7? they aren't intelligent, they arent creative, they aren't fashion-conscious, they are not pretty! they are not qualified for a circle! and how would you interpret a 'jacket of defense mechanism'? i dont get it? and fiestivities of reality? dont be such a retard. obviously, an 'a' is always an 'a'. 'b' comes after it. they refer 'A' to excellence, to supremacy. 'B' is a so-so. so, so bad! i guess there are only 9 of us in our batch. at least we dont get to choose who we include. its stated! the problem is you! not me! im perfectly fine! and dont pretend that you have more to say because as far as my grades are concerned, you are the last in line. one thing is certain, i have had a camera ever since elementary, ive had editing and photography in high school, and you just had yours recently! haha. you are such a loser! i know stuffs better than you do! piece of advice: why dont you shave your head and go back to the far-flung hometown, at least you're at home there!

im so not over him! i am still! i dont know how to but it goes to show that my heart really beats him! well, pity me for being a crap! that's why i had my night out on a sunday, with a friend and a daiquiri. and its pretty devastating that he has found another person, older and experienced. we just had margarita last night, together with 2 other friends, and seriously, im still struck! love over!

got to taste the 1-tar cigarette! its so soothing and right! no effect! raison from korea! yepee!

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