Tuesday, February 24, 2009

lara and me

its nice that lara stone really got to show off recently. well she's nude again! luckily for her, she got a nice body to flaunt! W magazine got lara stone to be a member of the nude club. or at least! so this is now the trend. kate moss did it, occasionally; lindsay did it for new york and now what?! lara! haha. when you come to think of it, nudity is always lara. there was vogue paris, vogue italy and vogue paris again... along with Amanda Laine, Sigrid Agren, Edita Vilkeviciute and Constance Jablonski. dont you just love when ladies go nude!

just this evening, before i wrote this, i had to go naked. i had to confess because there is something to confess. we had a confession activity which i hated because for most of my cmates, they thought of me as the devil. at least if i wore prade... but i didn't i had salvatore. well i just hated to be with the group! i so dont like the attitude and the feelers. they can just make this event. suck each others awesomeness perhaps and likely suck each others cunt! i do admit that i love plastics. but them, they arent plastics. they are gum-sucking-road-whores! i hated them! i hate them now! i will forever hate them!

but being naked doesnt mean showing everything. at least, i have things i own up to myself. now that i got to see what they felt about me, i do know their strengths and weaknesses. i have had an apology, but to some, i will not! i have the highest pride ever! i am EGOCENTRIC and i dont care what they think and feel. i dont really care at all when they told me how much they hate me and stuff. im not AFFECTED! seriously! sh** your sh** and f*** ur holes! b***hes! all you fido faces! haha.

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