Monday, March 2, 2009

i did not just wore a pink ribbon!

sunday it was. the day we had to pass my launching film. well, its the day before dad goes to the land down under. that gets me teary-eyed! track back. night-outs are suppose to be on fridays. that's just the rule of night-outs. we had a couple of dose. haha.
so much of that! moving on, well joel edited our pretty much, one-of-a-kind exprimental film entitled 'balay si-od'(trap house). it was a short film focused on the life of a family. the entire film run for 14 minutes including intro and extro credits. one day shoot, one day editing! that's how we did it!

and OMG! i almost forgot! babe and me had a petit fight before that. i never meant to be sarcastic or something but i just did and he thought the message was a little bit absurd and annoying. but seriously, it was nothing! maybe a little misunderstanding! its nice to work with people you trust and trust you back. when you get to know them, you get to discover something about yourself! maybe for me perhaps. we are 4 in a group and we should take extra credits for those. regardless of the name, i think that there was an excertion of effort on our part to really prod ourselves into doing such f***-s*** time constraint film!

yoga yoga


but so far so good! the event over and above all isnt done yet. my nerves! its killing me! hmph!

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