Wednesday, March 4, 2009

what to wear?! and others

what will i wear for this friday's event?! i really dont have any idea! street fashion. when i come to think of the time constraint to make an outfit it gives me some creeps. i never imagined time would pass this fast. it was like a semester and all i did was to look and be a douchebag! well, i have something to confess. i like this girl, at school. she is a frosh and she totally blew me away the first time i saw her! she is witty and pretty. the wp chemistry! i am truly falling for her. i dont know! call it infatuation but i dont believe it! she has a good sense of humor, nice to be with and style conscious. we've been casually texting for 18 hours now. now back to the outfit! i really dont have anything to wear. will i do casual or formal or rugged or bare?! i am having second thoughts as to the event logistics. the AVP's are not yet ready, the trophies just arrived this morning, the follow lights costs too much etc. oh well!

i almost forgot! yesterday, we had a talk with this old guy from mckann ericsson advertising firm - london! he sounded british of course and he was boring! ding!

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