Saturday, March 28, 2009

i felt betrayed!

remember those times when a friend suddenly squeels about something they shouldnt tell?! i so did it! yah! i really cant believe. it was mid afternood and i hurried myself to school for our last meet in broadcast communication. but before that, i dropped by bob's cafe courtyard to take some lemonade coz its f**king hot. anyway, i got to chat with the most annoying person you could ever imagine. and so we had a chit chat and before i could say no, i just told him stuffs i shouldnt! i am so pissed that i really wanted to kill myself that instant. i rushed inside the uni and got my twin's grades. other story! but yes, i really did. and about 4 p.m. i got an mms coming from he. 'its not your story to tell, mind u' saying those words. what bothers me is that someone might have said something to him. and my first intuition, pipo. but to my dismay, it wasnt him, it was the joe's gf. where i got to eat bbq with that afternoon with joe. and so i sent her a message saying how angry i was. and she replied after a few hours. and i just told her, 'wtv!' and there was no reply! maybe she has to ponder on that! i really hate her! i do! seriously!

breathe my smoke bitch!
(vogue paris april 2009 - controversiol anti-smoking campaign, lily donaldson)

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