Thursday, March 19, 2009

if they are think what am i?

if they are thin, then how do you call me?


omg! from a 120 to a 110, that must be something. i must say that sky flakes really does its job. when u dont want to be fat, just do a biscuit diet. well, perfectly works for me. but think of anything to substitute to that? nothing! its just it! paired with a sugar free soda, oh boy, supermodel! i dont call myself anorexic because i do eat. and binge at times. i dont even call myself bulimic because i eat. small amounts of food make you thin, whereas otherwise. remember how natalia vodianova battled bulimia out. well, she fought a fight and now she talks about how bad the effect was. not for me. i think thin persons are really fashionable. couture always is thin. size 0 is the normal size. and 1 is obesity. that's just how i see things. is there even a size called negative. in my own opinion, there is nothing wrong with fat people for as long as they live a healthy life. they say, they would rather die full than hunger-stricken. not for me! i would rather die an 86 lbs. haha.

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