Tuesday, March 31, 2009

after march

junior year is over and im down to my last year in uni. of course, i have to double time in terms of my studies because this is my make or break. lucky for me though, even if i dont study, i still do have high grades well i have to give credits to my family's intelligent lineage. it will be the last year that i will have to show what ive got because after that, is the real world and work. im not really sure if yesterday's news would make me smile or grin... it seems that the more you get to do stuffs on a subtle way, the more you imply things, the more you make things simpler for others, the more they dont appreciate much of it. i guess its a matter of choosing who to side and who not to. there are things which we can fathom, there are things we cant. receiving an heir would get you filthy rich but will you be able to help out if thats the case? i dont think so. having to wed a maid wouldnt get you much trouble, hence it will do you good. as for my case. a maid who is downright fat and plastic. i dont really care if they have had the heir way back time or just now. i will hopefully be graduating this year and no one can stop me except me. ill be making my own richess and ill be making my millions. i need no million if i can make 2!

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