Thursday, March 26, 2009

when you mix denim to denimi, it doesnt seem to fit!

yeah right. lesson in life. do not match a denim top with a denim pants. that is so out of style! look how christina ricci did it! shameful! ruthless! undeniably shit! haha. ive tried that look before but it just didnt work!

im so confused as to what to do after graduation. i dont know if im still part of the latin awards but i guess not. well, its definite that graduation is just around the corner. i might as well prepare myself. i dont know what to do. i mean, i really love fashion design but i dont know if that is really my niche. up to now, im still getting to know the craft and looking up at marcjacobs, alber elbaz, john galliano, nicholas ghuesqiere etc. but i also love advertising! im so confused! i really wanted to be a part of an advertising's creative team. but recently, i just figured out that style is so into me. that i would rather sacrifice everything just to have style. like, im now hooked with style that i wanted to be a fashion stylist. smoke and drink go well together isnt it?!

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