Thursday, March 19, 2009

last days of junior years

this is my 2nd to the last school day of the year. here i am at our computer science laboratory for our goodbyes and grades of our desktop publishing class. sad but true. goodbye. to natasha richardson. goodbye to miss gemma chio. goodbye to zac efron as my crush. goodbye to all the friends i knew.
im a bit flabbergasted of how things passed by. i remember my first days of school and here i am savoring the last few days of my junior. its pretty wonderful the feeling. it gives me creeps to imagine how the years went progressing so is our ages growing a year older.
but luckily i was able to survive my junior year with vogue beside me. ive got all my subjects excempted and now i dont have to take the finals. lucky for me! just my luck!

what is in store for me and the runway this 2009? let me see...

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