Saturday, January 24, 2009

dolce and gabanna, in or out?

dolce and gabbana is datchu? well, interview had d&g covered. they had huge puffs and intricate head pieces.

interview: Do you wear only your own clothes?

SG: No. I like to buy different things. [pointing at Domenico] Oh, look at the face. Look, look!

DD: Because he wants to lose money. He’s so rich, he loses his money on other designers.

interview: Which designers do you buy?

SG: Swimwear from Vuitton, an Hermès sweater, this shirt by Pucci . . .

DD: He buys them and then he gives them away because he doesn’t wear them. Sometimes I think he does it just to annoy me.

They're no longer romantically together, but they still "live together."

SG: But we do live together. No, not together, but he lives on one floor and I live on another. I don’t know what he does in the night with his boyfriend. And I don’t care, really.

DD: No, listen to me. Let me tell you about last night. You were supposed to call me. My boyfriend had a fever so he couldn’t go out, and you said, “Ciao. I’ll call you later. We’ll go to dinner.”

SG: And I forgot and I didn’t call him.

DD: And I’m waiting for dinner. Yesterday I didn’t eat, and I told him that. And I waited. And on Saturday night I stayed home because my boyfriend had a fever, and I fell asleep on the sofa in front of the TV, and then I wake up and I hear the noise, boom, boom. I think maybe it’s the air conditioner. I turn off the TV and it’s boom, boom, boom, over my kitchen.

SG: Because Giovanna [Battaglia, erstwhile house model, now a contributing fashion editor at L’Uomo Vogue] was there, dancing like Madonna in the “Give It 2 Me” video.

the afterparty

it was such a terrific and exhausting night! ok. so it was after spoftsfest when the college planned to celebrate its unjoyous victory over other colleges and a defeatful win over BSN's. it was in the infamous quorum bar and faculty and students alike were there. before that, OMG! i was my 'x' and he saw me in a skirt when me and suzy went to buy stuffs. and so it was nice seeing him again! then we waited an hour for our friend's car coz he promised to fetch us. to cut the story there we were in quorum.
jason, chin, joel, suzy and me went in. i saw familiar faces in the dancefloor and on round tables around. i chatted with some college friends and yet greeted others as well. i had one bottle and boofed a whole lot of nicotine! 2 packs! then i unexpectedly saw someone ive been flirting last summer. but im over him. i guess. well. we talked and danced. and then he went on to our place and we talk our hearts out. good thing though that i got to see him before he graduates. he is so manly and gentleman. OMG! i did not just say that! a friend, kin, was so wasted he tripped off the stairs going to the john. as in! he lay flat on the floor and he just shouted and yelled at people! i dont know it it was just him, or the drinks. going back to the 'x' thingy. well, they had to leave because they had to make some arrangements for next week's classes and since they are graduating, they had to do stuffs they themselves know. luckily, his gf wasnt there to sabotage the whole idea! but if otherwise, i would steal his attention just so he looks at me, and talks to me, and whatever. there were 3 basketball men who were there and one of them had me an indescent invite. swear! he was like, 'come here'. and i was like, im fine! control dahling! he was never my cup of cappucino and he will never be. at least i got him there and still have my reputation. if that's the right word to accompany.
my feelings rushed as i saw my someone in the dancefloor. i got jealous and dismayed as to how things were coming to me. he never had the chance to kiss me leaving. and he never mentioned that they are going to 'ice bar'. i mean, i dont care! i really dont!
pip on the other hand was so drunk he barely can walk, or exaggerated! he had his nap at my lap, just a friendly nap and he was kinda puke-y. he told me to rush him to the c.r. and i did. and the next thing was terrible.
i had to end the night, or at least morning with a plate of clubhouse and an iced tea just so i dont sleep empty stomache. suzy's dad came to the rescue and we went straight home. or at least i was planning to go to ice! haha.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

dolce's going down?!

is dolce really going down? i mean, in the slimy mud? it appears neiman marcus is pulling D&G from all of its stores. so this will mean one thing, down you go! the troubled company has been on a downward spiral for months now, very quietly, good PR ei!. no more fancy showroom on 5th Ave - now unremarkable digs downtown. no more director of operations for the NY/US office, with no replacement. now it looks like they’re getting pulled, and not just at Neiman, but other major/specialty stores in the US. Watch and wait.

but there is no confirmation yet. the new fall winter dolce & gabbana sicilia inspired collection, was presented on the 1st day of milano fashion week, with over 70 outfits taken to the runway, the sicilian inspiration was incredibly playboy mention, with quite a number of sleepwear like - hugh hefner style pieces.

after more than 20 black outfits starting the show (where we saw some very interesting military style jackets), just when you thought its gonna be a black winter, a very nice surprise was showing up of the fuchsia colors, culminating with a bright fuchsia suit worn by sebastian lund (following with the array of white suits). a collection as massive as this is sure to bring lot of Yes and No's but for sure lot of the outfits will change the winter of 2009.10.

dolce's going down?!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the runway and me

the runways were full of surprises as fashion houses all over the world are celebrating its pre fall shows here and there. it doesnt seem right to say that there is such thing as 'global financial crisis' ruffles, assymetry and sheer made them all the way to St. John's A/W 2009-2010 collection.

or balenciaga's pre fall 2009 collection...

but how do i really relate the fashion scene to myself?! well, simple! its complicated. you dont get to say what you wanted and you know how to say it, but you wanted to. it is so distorted. im refering to love! its something that makes people ill. its crazy and unexpected. ive been facing one of the biggest dilemmas of my life. having the guts to say it! but it seems that i am a little overbored to say it...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

US Bazzar, you did not?!

omg! america is experiencing a recession or so much so a global financial crisis yet, US bazzar featured sky rocketing prices that were pretty much over the clouds you see. they were over the 4 figured prices, they come in 5's! yes. and the cheapest costs $20,720 for a versace. here are some of them!

Dolce & Gabbana

Jacket alone: $24,750


Salvatore Ferragamo

Gown: $22,000


Yves Saint Laurent

Cage coat: $24,995



Dress: $20,720


Christian Dior

Gown: $23,090



Gown: $24,000


while vogue is pretty much not exceeding to over $5,000, bazaar is so much into over-excessive-super-pricing. except for chanel iman's balenciaga shot!

balenciaga have had enough! madonna for vuitton, enough!

balenciaga's new print ad is so futuristic, might as well call it 'very sci-fi'. yes, it was the face of Elsa that made it super mysertious. she must have inherited mona lisa's. anyway, the overyall ad was pretty picture perfect if you happen to see the shading on the foreground and background. the ad stood for what balenciaga is known for, straight and bold! the contrast of the suit to the stairs was applaudable. this is just for this month! i so cant wait for the other girls in the coming months.

contrary to the ad of balenciaga, vuitton was a bit more distracting even though madonna had it! it was akward, the pose was strange, the fuffled orange monogram undies were a bit annoying! is it a new workout or what? the leg-thigh muscle workout or what have you? but the heels were terrific! they are envious and covetable! so fashionable and so vuitton's fashion!

now help me count! 1, 2, 3,...

*with up and down motion of the legs! funny!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

holland goes naked!

house of holland officially decides to change fashion through nudity. the houe came up with a brilliant idea to have a tee with fashion icons on them but in an explicit way. seriously, who thinks that way! anyway, the designs were so envious i would want to have my own! so far, the shirts are sported by no less than "voted as the 1st most ANNOYING people of 2008". get that! ayness deyn, herself! and it is no joke! she did well with the shots but the polka skirt/short whatever were totally hilarious! i mean, who would want to use uber-polka dresses. here hair was so bob peroxide blonde, and "maybe" the "it" trend for 2009, who knows. only nuclear wintour knows! you can see elbas and galliano naked.

ps. i would confirm... its a polka shirt!

Monday, January 5, 2009

the best and the worst of january fashion magazines

Best Faces - i-D

Best Dress - Chinese Vogue

Best Spring Fashion Preview -
Harper's Bazaar

i love them all! so best, so worst!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

couture show schedules...

26th January

2.30pm Christian Dior

7.30pm Armani Privé

27th January

10.00am Chanel

3.30pm Christian Lacroix

7.00pm Givenchy

28th January

12.30pm Elie Saab

2.30pm Jean Paul Gaultier

6.30pm Valentino

According to, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, the long time accessories designers of Valentino who replaced Alessandra Facchinetti in October, will be making their debut at this upcoming couture fashion week.

new year treat by lindsay lohan (to pay homage for marilyn monroe)

the sneak peaks. the behind. the nude her! so fetch! this is for new york 2008 issue. bare it all her! i so love her face coz she looked like marilyn.

In 1962, photographer Bert Stern shot a series of photos of Marilyn Monroe that have collectively come to be known as The Last Sitting. Taken during several boozy sessions at the Hotel Bel-Air, the photographs are arguably the most famous images ever captured of Americas most famous actress: Monroe, sleepy-eyed and naked, sips from a Champagne glass, enacts a fan dance of sorts with various diaphanous scarves, romps with erotic playfulness on a bed of white linens. Six weeks after she had posed, Monroe was found dead of an apparent barbiturate overdose.