Thursday, January 1, 2009

it has been a year of blogs galore (missed out on december{very very very busy}but it was according to my plan)

it was a good thing i was not able to blog myself for december. it was a swift month. with nothing but cigs and drinks. so surreal. rest assure that the new year would make a big difference. i guess i have to really change this year. i have to decide on things that would make me 'me'. i think that if you really interested on things, you have to commit. you have to push yourself to give it your all and do stuffs that you dont normally do 'against the norms'.
it has been a fun and productive year for me and for the rest of the people around. hoping that this year will be a year to celebrate. lots of fun, less food!
just read wintour's life and i was touched. guess vogue will not feature fat people. wintour started out small though her family were promins. i wanted to be like her, advocate of young designers, advocate of fur! chinchilla's hide! foxes beware!
i would want to know my focus or simply a foci. wouldn't it be enjoyable and fulfilling at the same time that you get to meet your goals?

happy new year to me.
happy oxful year.
happy 2009!

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