Thursday, January 15, 2009

the runway and me

the runways were full of surprises as fashion houses all over the world are celebrating its pre fall shows here and there. it doesnt seem right to say that there is such thing as 'global financial crisis' ruffles, assymetry and sheer made them all the way to St. John's A/W 2009-2010 collection.

or balenciaga's pre fall 2009 collection...

but how do i really relate the fashion scene to myself?! well, simple! its complicated. you dont get to say what you wanted and you know how to say it, but you wanted to. it is so distorted. im refering to love! its something that makes people ill. its crazy and unexpected. ive been facing one of the biggest dilemmas of my life. having the guts to say it! but it seems that i am a little overbored to say it...

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