Wednesday, January 7, 2009

holland goes naked!

house of holland officially decides to change fashion through nudity. the houe came up with a brilliant idea to have a tee with fashion icons on them but in an explicit way. seriously, who thinks that way! anyway, the designs were so envious i would want to have my own! so far, the shirts are sported by no less than "voted as the 1st most ANNOYING people of 2008". get that! ayness deyn, herself! and it is no joke! she did well with the shots but the polka skirt/short whatever were totally hilarious! i mean, who would want to use uber-polka dresses. here hair was so bob peroxide blonde, and "maybe" the "it" trend for 2009, who knows. only nuclear wintour knows! you can see elbas and galliano naked.

ps. i would confirm... its a polka shirt!

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