Saturday, January 24, 2009

the afterparty

it was such a terrific and exhausting night! ok. so it was after spoftsfest when the college planned to celebrate its unjoyous victory over other colleges and a defeatful win over BSN's. it was in the infamous quorum bar and faculty and students alike were there. before that, OMG! i was my 'x' and he saw me in a skirt when me and suzy went to buy stuffs. and so it was nice seeing him again! then we waited an hour for our friend's car coz he promised to fetch us. to cut the story there we were in quorum.
jason, chin, joel, suzy and me went in. i saw familiar faces in the dancefloor and on round tables around. i chatted with some college friends and yet greeted others as well. i had one bottle and boofed a whole lot of nicotine! 2 packs! then i unexpectedly saw someone ive been flirting last summer. but im over him. i guess. well. we talked and danced. and then he went on to our place and we talk our hearts out. good thing though that i got to see him before he graduates. he is so manly and gentleman. OMG! i did not just say that! a friend, kin, was so wasted he tripped off the stairs going to the john. as in! he lay flat on the floor and he just shouted and yelled at people! i dont know it it was just him, or the drinks. going back to the 'x' thingy. well, they had to leave because they had to make some arrangements for next week's classes and since they are graduating, they had to do stuffs they themselves know. luckily, his gf wasnt there to sabotage the whole idea! but if otherwise, i would steal his attention just so he looks at me, and talks to me, and whatever. there were 3 basketball men who were there and one of them had me an indescent invite. swear! he was like, 'come here'. and i was like, im fine! control dahling! he was never my cup of cappucino and he will never be. at least i got him there and still have my reputation. if that's the right word to accompany.
my feelings rushed as i saw my someone in the dancefloor. i got jealous and dismayed as to how things were coming to me. he never had the chance to kiss me leaving. and he never mentioned that they are going to 'ice bar'. i mean, i dont care! i really dont!
pip on the other hand was so drunk he barely can walk, or exaggerated! he had his nap at my lap, just a friendly nap and he was kinda puke-y. he told me to rush him to the c.r. and i did. and the next thing was terrible.
i had to end the night, or at least morning with a plate of clubhouse and an iced tea just so i dont sleep empty stomache. suzy's dad came to the rescue and we went straight home. or at least i was planning to go to ice! haha.

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