Sunday, January 18, 2009

dolce's going down?!

is dolce really going down? i mean, in the slimy mud? it appears neiman marcus is pulling D&G from all of its stores. so this will mean one thing, down you go! the troubled company has been on a downward spiral for months now, very quietly, good PR ei!. no more fancy showroom on 5th Ave - now unremarkable digs downtown. no more director of operations for the NY/US office, with no replacement. now it looks like they’re getting pulled, and not just at Neiman, but other major/specialty stores in the US. Watch and wait.

but there is no confirmation yet. the new fall winter dolce & gabbana sicilia inspired collection, was presented on the 1st day of milano fashion week, with over 70 outfits taken to the runway, the sicilian inspiration was incredibly playboy mention, with quite a number of sleepwear like - hugh hefner style pieces.

after more than 20 black outfits starting the show (where we saw some very interesting military style jackets), just when you thought its gonna be a black winter, a very nice surprise was showing up of the fuchsia colors, culminating with a bright fuchsia suit worn by sebastian lund (following with the array of white suits). a collection as massive as this is sure to bring lot of Yes and No's but for sure lot of the outfits will change the winter of 2009.10.

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