Monday, July 27, 2009

blogging as a topic

this is my senior year at my university and i'm doing my best to really cope with my studies. well, this time, is cram and show time at the same time! we had to do a research based on a social maybe cultural or an uprising topic and we need to develop the topic, study the topic, shit on the topic etc. in no more than 4 months, insane! i really don't think thesis are somehow needed to graduate. i really think that it isnt beneficial and its just a waste of time after all!

there has been a major shift in terms of my priorities so i wasnt able to blog for like the last months or so. i've been really busy with school that i am forgetting almost everything, lovelife, food, even my name!

i think the reason that i blog is that i have this as an outlet for what i feel. i think that either i blog or i die. that's how bad the impact of this new-found-money-making medium to me and even to some of the people i know.

recently, we chose a topic for our final, make-or break thesis, and this time, we chose blog, even if im the only one blogging in our group. why? simple, it was the best topic to have the 'best thesis award'. but if not for that f-ing shitful award, we would have chosen fashion! coz seriously, we la-av fashion...

i wasn't able to blog because i am using my notes on FB to write something. i think that its far more practical to use FB for blogging because it is such a user-friendly networking site, capable of almost everything, and since i am FB-ing almost everyday, might as well write there! but i dont plant to ditch my blogspot account as it served many sentimental values to me and like myself. i cant just ditch an account for like a fad. this has been my haven of refuge. whenever i feel blue or whatever, i feel that my blog, MY BLOG is there to listen.

but for now, i have to really have my focus, that is, my thesis. its our last hope to graduation. this is our the next thing to HELL! ciao!

nothing major.