Thursday, October 29, 2009

goodbye, i'll miss you (for now)

it's always lethargic to part ways with something that has a sentimental value. pockets of tears, a waiving hand and a look back - doings by people to someone or something worth remembering. lingering in my thoughts last night, the idea of having to put a period on my blogging and starting anew, is a bitter-sweet-better-mixed emotions. i cant fathom the intensity of how attached i am (was) to my blog, having to do daily updates once in a while. delving into an uncertain niche. this has been, by far, a surreal experience. how am i suppose to say goodbye to a journal so close to me, so personal?

i have been waiting for signals to determine my blog halt. in as much as i would want to explain further the feeling of a pin cushion, i literally tumbled into the reality that a transition must be made. the first post i made, scanning through my archive, gave me a sense of fulfillment. how my writing skills progressed and how my enthusiasm regressed and depleted over time, i concluded that mine is a blog of personal experience and not of fashion. i came to realize that writing isn't at all depressing in the long run. so much so that i was able to fully comprehend the essence of my course and how blogging raised me to put the cherry on top of my blissful cake.

goodbye i'll miss you. throbbing. the thrill of blog rankings gave me the adrenaline, the itch of pausing my fingers on those keys and start writing. the positive commentaries from people of different societal rank prodded me to start the mouse-clicking and look for interesting posts with a nonchalant attitude. i would definitely agree that writers block really do exist.

now is the time to dab the mud with my hand, make sure that the purges weren't reversible and that my posts kept opaque (for most of my older, wilted, time-bound posts). time to laud my self and tap my shoulders some more. this is an accomplishment indeed. in the course of a year and three months approximately, today i start to peel the latex off me. and now i rest my case.

attention: this is my last (sighs with doubt) post. i will be updating once in a while but not as often as before.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

hot off the runway (talk about balmain!)

sienna miller wore the coveted balmain ripped shining shimmering number for the opening of "after miss julie" in the big apple. talk about balmain spring/summer 2010 dahlin! the glitterati is somehow skimpy for sienna, but who cares? its balmain!

opening balmain this year was daria werbowy of the img modeling agency, but who strut this dress?! haha.. no other than, abbey lee kershaw! gawd, i wish i had those legs! blame it to christophe decarnin! sheesh. if he ever see those jackets again (like for real), swear to gawd, i would sell my body to buy one! insane but true! coz surely, i would not dare buy a knock off for krist sake!

Friday, October 23, 2009

quote yourself.

cfda reveals another membership list

so the cfda rolls its new set of envied fashionistas included in the coveted cfda membership. to recognize their consistent contribution to the american fashion scene, several renowned designers, a-list fashion gurus and style icons converge in a party thrown by the institution itself. 31 designers are in and were announced at mahattan's four season restaurant.

starting off with the infamous olsen twins.

ashley and mary kate with dvf

south african-born fashion designer, albertus swanepoel (left)
susie cho
and of course the wang(joke!), alexander wang

te quiero, john galliano!

so when john galliano opens his show, he leaves everyone hanging on their seats. i was in awe after seeing the whole collection! he brought out a lethargic hollywood feel with every collection. the feathers, the see-throughs and the fabric (including the details!), undeniably perfect! best spring show 2010 for me!

"It came from a research trip to L.A.," Galliano said. "I went around the old houses of Hollywood and imagined how stars like Tallulah Bankhead, Lillian Gish, and Mary Pickford lived." It gave him an ideal justification for playing to his strengths in poetically glamorous chiffon; bias-cut little nothings; fragile, delightful plissé puff-shouldered blouses and bed jackets; and coats symbolically decorated with clusters of flowers made out of film gel. Galliano's color sense—the ice blues, silver lamés, powder pinks, and lemons—was exquisite; it was his fashion version of Sunset Boulevard.

from worst to best! the evolution of makeup, anyone?

caroline terentini
lily donaldson
natasha poly
sasha pivovarova (looks like gemma ward!)magdalena frackowiak

Thursday, October 22, 2009

tumblr is f-uh-un!

tumblr is so much fun. the blogging and the updates everytime and the race for that envied tumblarity (well, in my case). i started my tumblr account (again) because my short term amnesia took place. i was like, what was my password again, and oh shoot - there i go again! (i think i need a neurobooster!) enough said, my tumblarity is now soaring at 79.

im not bragging about it! its, somehow, telling everyone of my fast recovery (of my tumblr points). here are my stats.

i hope that i rocket up after a day or so!

things to do tomorrow.

for blog wishlist copy

sick of this dress, but not these jimmy choos

h&m recently revealed their 2009 lookbook by jimmy choo, and never forget the products! these are some of my favorites!

fashion and nudity by hedi slimane

hedi slimane is a designer to look up to. worked after names as yves saint laurent and men's dior, this designer was mentioned in the house of holland shirt cause me pain, hedi slimane. and good thing about him is he doesnt do drugs, or alcohol or even smoke! (poor him!). and the best thing about him, he works alone! he designs alone.

magdalena frackowiak in black and white for hedi slimane, entitled, stripped down.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

temporarily temperley

now im speechless. london based temperley london stunned me!

the bunny-ear-trend rundown...

let me walk you through the history of the bunny ears trend. remember the bunny girls of playboy? well, i think the whole idea started from that. like, rabbits are known for having sex all day, all night.

well.. remember uncle hugh hefner? he is the pioneer of this trend. after adorning the heads of his playmates with bunny ears.

then came, renee zellweger...

and the unbeatable paris hilton with her slouchy ears...

then maison michel's creation for lily allen...

and lady gaga...

and marc jacobs did the bunny ears after he saw an intern wearing bow tie that resembled such.

and he dressed madonna, of course with the accessory..

and of course, who are we to forget the olsen twins...

and, maybe a bonus...
noel fielding with his bunny ears rendition...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the waves, the lips and the eyeshadow.

it is raining hard here in the 3rd world. another storm's coming. im stuck here in front of my pc wanting to eat some ice cream and donuts (and a tall glass of coffee). *biting my lips. finished everthing for today, except cleaning the cobwebs of my room (or at most cleaning it all up). this is my second wasted day of my life (not wasted in its truest literal meaning). well, ive been sleeping early (like 3 or 4 in the morning) and waking up early (like 1-2 in the afternoon). i still cant believe that in 5 months ill be graduating. in a month, ill be adding a year. in 2 months, ill be celebrating christmas without my grandma but together with my whole family.

so much for the drama. the title would speak for my post today. um, powerful lips, the frizzy-braided hair and those stunning eyeshadows! fatale!