Thursday, October 29, 2009

goodbye, i'll miss you (for now)

it's always lethargic to part ways with something that has a sentimental value. pockets of tears, a waiving hand and a look back - doings by people to someone or something worth remembering. lingering in my thoughts last night, the idea of having to put a period on my blogging and starting anew, is a bitter-sweet-better-mixed emotions. i cant fathom the intensity of how attached i am (was) to my blog, having to do daily updates once in a while. delving into an uncertain niche. this has been, by far, a surreal experience. how am i suppose to say goodbye to a journal so close to me, so personal?

i have been waiting for signals to determine my blog halt. in as much as i would want to explain further the feeling of a pin cushion, i literally tumbled into the reality that a transition must be made. the first post i made, scanning through my archive, gave me a sense of fulfillment. how my writing skills progressed and how my enthusiasm regressed and depleted over time, i concluded that mine is a blog of personal experience and not of fashion. i came to realize that writing isn't at all depressing in the long run. so much so that i was able to fully comprehend the essence of my course and how blogging raised me to put the cherry on top of my blissful cake.

goodbye i'll miss you. throbbing. the thrill of blog rankings gave me the adrenaline, the itch of pausing my fingers on those keys and start writing. the positive commentaries from people of different societal rank prodded me to start the mouse-clicking and look for interesting posts with a nonchalant attitude. i would definitely agree that writers block really do exist.

now is the time to dab the mud with my hand, make sure that the purges weren't reversible and that my posts kept opaque (for most of my older, wilted, time-bound posts). time to laud my self and tap my shoulders some more. this is an accomplishment indeed. in the course of a year and three months approximately, today i start to peel the latex off me. and now i rest my case.

attention: this is my last (sighs with doubt) post. i will be updating once in a while but not as often as before.

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