Friday, October 16, 2009

im a certified cocoholic!

it's been one week since my last blog (almost) and my stats goes from 100 to 303. never imagined it myself. im on my last week week for my last two semester of my college life. undeniably, i am overjoyed and ecstatic of that idea. but counting the days to graduation is a bit lethargic. reminiscing my college life, meeting people, backbiting some and befriending tons, i came to realize that my uni stay is coming to an end. well, for some, seeing your name on the list of graduates is an accomplishment. well, so much of those emotionally inclined lines.

coco rocha, the canadian supermodel, now stops people from turning the pages of numero #107 october 2009. let me call it, the fiber and fur engagement. camilla akrans really has an eye for a good black and white shot.

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