Monday, October 5, 2009

hitting my head hard: school and watanabe!

now i came back to my senses that i am in the league of students who will hopefully graduate for 2010. workshop's over and school is definitely now!

btw, lindsay's with estrella archs for ungaro in paris! that blonde.

so far so bad. talk about school thesis, deadlines for articles and a whole lot of wardrobe changes (can i count myself out in one of my tasks?). i had to cover 2 stories, send questionnaires for the subjects (again) and hopefully layout the magazine with clyde (and there's more!).

and before all the task consumes me, i will have to leave with something watanabe!

hitting myself hard with all the requirements for school and at the same time bandaging them like what junya watanabe did for her women's spring summer 2010.

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