Saturday, October 3, 2009

kristen stewart did not! part2.

after a 3-day (somehow) extensive-fun-filled journalism workshop, at last i've faced the monitor (and worked my way in for carpal tunnel again). i was really like, dead for sometime because i wasn't able to go online and have updates on my social networking sites. i can't fathom the experience of having to sit and listen to the invited speakers (they gave me a lot of insights on the how's and techniques). i've met some interesting personalities, bothered by some, and animated by others. moving on!

in my (only one) post last june 2009 i was shocked about kristen stewart chopping off her hair. but now, she dazzled the interview magazine's october/november 2009, appearing on the cover and having a somehow disturbing spread. this is interview's 40th year anniversary and they had craig mcdean do the snapping.

i love the gothic feel of the photoshoot with some subliminal injection of s&m. but i hate the superimposition of the animal prints and their manner of slightly injecting a twilight-y theme. like this 2007 naomi campbell paparazzi shot on her birthday, and this naomi side-by-side with a cheetah shoot for harpers bazaar september 2009 spread by the infamous jean-paul goude.

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