Thursday, January 8, 2009

balenciaga have had enough! madonna for vuitton, enough!

balenciaga's new print ad is so futuristic, might as well call it 'very sci-fi'. yes, it was the face of Elsa that made it super mysertious. she must have inherited mona lisa's. anyway, the overyall ad was pretty picture perfect if you happen to see the shading on the foreground and background. the ad stood for what balenciaga is known for, straight and bold! the contrast of the suit to the stairs was applaudable. this is just for this month! i so cant wait for the other girls in the coming months.

contrary to the ad of balenciaga, vuitton was a bit more distracting even though madonna had it! it was akward, the pose was strange, the fuffled orange monogram undies were a bit annoying! is it a new workout or what? the leg-thigh muscle workout or what have you? but the heels were terrific! they are envious and covetable! so fashionable and so vuitton's fashion!

now help me count! 1, 2, 3,...

*with up and down motion of the legs! funny!

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