Saturday, March 7, 2009

bye auntie and thank you

we just went to my aunt's funeral (technically my grandma's sister) this morning. it was sad as ever as we had to see her for the last time. it was a bitter-sweet moment. i really dont know why but my tears just went on flowing when this certain song was sang! i really cried some tears. the incident really was unexpected! it was so fast that i had to juggle school and family with both hands. she was the aunt that used to sing to us the song 'walk on through the rain'. her loss left our family limping. and now my grandma is in the hospital, lying unconscious because of cardiac arrest. how i wish i could go there and pay her a visit and give her a hug. maybe later but i will. though the incident just sank now, it was clear that she was gone. and she is happy right now because she is the right place.

but what struck me the most was during the letting down of the coffin. her sister, which was the youngest girl whispered 'i cant see you anymore'. thats when i realize how important life is and how we should value someone.

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