Wednesday, July 23, 2008

who wore it best?!

so this is the story. i wore this very nice plaid jeans last saturday, coz we planned to go around the city. And i also had this black top and a tie. and so it was. yes!
days passed by and i was shocked seeing one of my classmates wearing the same jeans as mine! that is so not true!
THE SAME. and to think that this classmate of mine was not my friend (used to be).
was she copying me for a reason???
i mean, whats wrong with the world? dont they have the so called fashion statements of their own?
and look closely at the photos. compare! i wore it saturday, she wore
it the following wednesday! in fairness to me, i was the first one to sport the look. hahaha. laughs.

this photo: saturday outfit. below: wednesday copy outfit!