Friday, July 18, 2008

peeping Tom!

his name is Tom. he as the representative of the Amity Chamber in school... i dont know the real name of Amity. anyway, we were very hooked up with him that night coz he's so hot! i mean so so hot!

gosh, look at us. are we suppose to be on the altar? jk! he's so gorgeous and he's definitely your chocolate craving! look at how suzzy holds him and how i hugged him. hahah. and look at jason, who is looking good in his guess shirt. and alden, in uniform.

i was in my f-ing uniform. was not able to go home and undress and dress again. just have less time. cos gia's outfit was so demanding and we had less time to prepare. lucky for us though, we had a wardrobe section.

gia in her club costume

we definitely had to thank the people behind the whole outfit!

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