Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Officially them

and so she was. they are actually "ON!" Acquaintance party was a date to remember for both of them as they embark into this f-ing thing called Love.
hail to my friend.. she is such a gf for this cute frosh! and guess what, she is actually happy to be with him. like he likes her and she likes him. complimentary! they are so into each other that whoever is in love with like the guy must have thought of backout-ing. hehe!
Coz this guy has a gay stalker and like he keeps on calling him and texting him like hell. sending him love quotes and stuffs and my bff's bf is like very disgusted with him coz he is a total fag-looking-rubbishly-gay-f-ingly-disgusting! and there is this girl that is somehow obsessed with my bff's bf and she is always around him (not really most of the time). but she kinda think like "fuck there he is again!" and im like, "OMG you did not just say that! he maybe doesnt know you even!" haha! and everytime she sees them she'd be bowing her head in dismay. hahah! like both of them, the girl and the gay suitors... if i were them, "better pack their belongings and leave" (tyra banks)

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