Sunday, October 26, 2008

sembreak over

it happened in just a snap. it was very quick, i wasn't able to fix my make-up. argh! its so stressful to be back to school again. lots of stuffs to make. it was like a week of fun and f-ing! seriously! in just a blink of an eye, the icing of the cake will be gone. (lick it off!) i seriously have no idea what to blog at first coz little did i know about what happened. haha. sounds pretty uninteresting! bleak! anyways, ive bulleted on the things ive been busy working on this week. let me have a brief.

  • first it was masskara festival
    • we had a nightout
    • went home around 4am
    • woke up 8
  • we had a slumber/night-outish/after party
    • with stilletos and rum
    • chips and fun
    • munsterrific stop
    • long distance walk
    • slept 5
    • woke up 6
  • fam eat out
    • despedida for tita
    • birthday of couz and unc
many more happenings. but what are latest gossips?! well, i should stress it out!

  • big revelations
    • it was a game they made called, 'dirty little secrets' and you have to say a sect and do bottomless. i knew lots of stuff. lots of revs like first sex-capades, first bj's, first dims (lustful kiss) and all firsts.
  • heartbreaks and unites
    • so sad to hear that couples do breakup. so sad, but true! guy meets girl, girl doubtful, girl meets gay guy, girl dims gay guy, girl confused, girl goes home, girl goes to guy, guy accepts girl, girl unites with guy.
  • love over
    • so sad again, just sad. but when love is over, it is defiinitely over!
  • drunk, who's drunk?
    • who's drunk, im not?!

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