Thursday, October 16, 2008

ad defense over!

its been a semester and all we did was plan out for the advertising defense, due the end of sem. It was stressful but it was a whole lot of fun! BAHA (a non-profit org, anti flooding, here in the city) and i believe we did the best presentation/advertising proposal ever. it was about support for the ZERO WASTE MANAGEMENT and it was about having students to support. But the sad thing is this, one panel told us 'you could've used the testimonial' (and it was kind of crushed the whole campaign! and we actually conceptualized the same idea from the start in the first place but then it wasn't approved because it was too weak "according to our Ad professor" and we didnt think it was!

no sense isnt it! i know right! but we were included in the top 6. not bad for a starter right?!

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