Thursday, October 23, 2008

my cousins are doing great!

just after my mom's birthday, me and my twin decided to dress up our lovely cousins. and they totally loved the idea. we totally messed out my sis's closet and grabbing those outfits she had (including fur coats, cotton tees, a-line dresses. etc.) and they strut their thing! they definitely pulled that off and they nailed it! thier mothers were really proud of them (my aunts). ive edited it to make it more realistic (though the editing was a bit rush!) they're on a subway. compliments to the attitude we have there!
anyway. the whole concept of the picture was to show who among them was the fierce-est. of course, you cant really tell who but all of them had the guts to excude such poses. again, the editing was weird in nature and kindo fake, but for satisfaction purposes. well! petit convincing though.

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