Tuesday, August 4, 2009

on blogging

writing and maintaining a blog post isn't as easy as slipping a panty-hose. it requires a lot of effort on the part of the writer. first, that blogging should either be personal or a money making machine. it can either finance you or fame. blogging has been a part of every teenagers life. it is considered as the 'in' thing and this is the new diary. throw all those fancy notebooks and bulky notes, go blog! when you write a blog you write what you think and say what you do [personal blogging]. if your blog is a social-money-oriented blog, then you have to think of what the readers would want and not bore them with all stupid shits over and over again. everyone has gone overboard and made their way through fame with their blog. others still, remain shun and accept their loser side.

still other bloggers are very disultory. but this is advantageous on their part.

what the hell am i talking about. this is blogging mania! im having a bloggorhea because of our university thesis. screw the thesis! i hate, i love blogging.

btw, i love these limited edition viviene westwood pendants. i ♥!

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