Monday, August 10, 2009

the battle between nude and studs and balmania

the miu miu nude leather platform heels with ruched detail for $525 versus the black studded leather bootie from topshop--retails at around $330, available at

the two are fall's 'it' shoes and they are sooo adorable. though derogatory, i must say that they are fierce [urban term that connotes so-not-hot], but what i mean is fierce at its true sense. these are fall's must haves and when i saw the catalog, i was like, OMGee! i fell for the nude miu miu heels but the studded topshop topped them all!

i am really attracted to studs ever since the late mj started to wear the studded balmain jacket and rihanna wore the studded heels a few months ago. like studs are to die for!

post2: balmania is definitely in the air. everyone loves balmain, including these 3 women. you decide who wears balmain best!

beyonce, rihanna or VICTORIA BECKHAM? you decide.

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