Thursday, August 20, 2009

tired of best? try the worst!

august is finally come to an end and sadly, some mags were not able to pull it off. failing a single spread entitles you to the worst list of NY mag. nymag determined some of the worst and the best of august and topping my list is miley cyrus. no good for a fashion spread!

the pole dancer indicator look
miley wears over-the-knee boots and a minidress by rodarte on the left, and a william rast studded leather jacket with alexander wang booties and leggings on the right. How does a 16-year-old starlet evolve from that without a stripper pole?

worst styling - fergie
we hear tarzan was booked for a shoot in vines monthly.

worst denim - nylon
the effort to do something different with denim intensified this month to an alarming degree. surely a plain pair of jeans isn't so odious next to these monstrosities.

the torture makeup! - vogue
poor karlie kloss probably had to sit there for hours while they pasted all sorts of things to her face and affixed a weird hybrid of a helmet and swim cap to her head. then she probably had to spend hours winking. models: sometimes we envy them and other times we so don't.

worst head appendage
- nylon
not to be gross, but this just reminds us of south park's famous conjoined fetus lady.

worst dressed for huggling - metal
that is, unless you really don't like the person.

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