Friday, August 21, 2009

my eyes hurt!

i dont know if there was a problem with my eyes or what [surely, i have 20-20], but i thought that giorgio cantarini and spencer treat clark were one and the same. i was watching my downloaded gladiator when i remembered the beautiful life specifically the child actor. there was this part in the gladiator where spencer was running through an arid path and i can really see the semblance between the two actors. i dont know if its just me or they are really the same[somehow in terms of gestures and the like].

life is beautiful is really a great film. it made me change my favorite, which was shawshank redemption. the story was great, expected ending, but i think what made it special were the subtitles! lol. great plot and greater costume design. the lines were superb and i can not say any negative feedbacks.

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