Friday, August 28, 2009

the fur, the olsens and moi.

everyone loves the olsens! including me... i think that they are a good tandem, like the two of them. one prefers the laid back, simple and classy look while the other opts the boho chic look. but which is which [that's another story]. well, the olsens are simply the olsens. they are terrific designers (according to barneys and bergdorf goodman's fashion director and chief executive consecutively). the row, their fashion line, is sought after by teens and moms alike. two is better than one. i just love them, and their fur!

it was a really boring day today, just had some shots with friends and we were off for tomorrow's reporting. sadly, it was our turn to present our fugly thing. but for now, im leaving with my face-full of chains and all.

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